‘Survivor: Winners at War’: Sophie Clarke, Yul Kwon and More Representing California on Season 40

Survivor‘s highly-anticipated season 40 Winners at War will host four former champions from California. Sophie Clarke, Yul Kwon, Parvati Shallow, and Adam Klein are representing the Golden State. Each of them brings something different to the table, so which of their game plans will be the one to earn them two-million dollars?

Survivor: Winners at War – Queen of Snark Sophie Clarke is Back

Most of the time, the Survivor stars that fans remember are the ones that have the best personality. Even if they don’t win or aren’t good at the game, it doesn’t matter if they provide quality content. Luckily for South Pacific winner and California resident, Sophie Clarke, she was able to do both things. Her snarky and witty comments were a nice break from the seriousness of the competition.

Sophie flew under the radar while also maintaining a spot in the dominant alliance created on the first day. Also, she proved to be good at challenges, winning three individual immunity ones, the last one being the Final Immunity Challenge. This earned her a spot in the Final Three, where she verbally tore apart the remaining castaways, including calling Coach Wade a “little girl”. Then was crowned the Sole Survivor by a 6-3-0 vote.

Winners at War: Yul Kwon’s Strategic Prowess

His tactical brilliance and social game allowed Yul Kwon to make it to the end of Survivor: Cook Islands. Not only did he have an affinity for strategy, but Yul could also get people to do exactly what he wanted them to. So, when he took on the leadership role in the Aitu Four alliance, it was a recipe for success.

Despite it not being the majority alliance, Yul’s group, consisting of Ozzy Lusth, Becky Lee, and Sundra Oakley, prevailed. They picked off the other Survivor castaways in the tribe, all of them making it to the final four. An immunity idol brought him to the Final Tribal Council, where he barely beat out Ozzy in a vote of 5-4-0. He’s the first Asian-American to win the title.

Parvati Shallow’s Long ‘Survivor’ Resume

Los Angeles resident Parvati Shallow has to be one of the most notorious former winners to play the game. After falling short in sixth place on Yul Kwon’s winning season Cook Islands, Parvati returned for a much better run on Micronesia. Her trademarked flirty and manipulative style of play worked incredibly well for her Survivor game.

After the merge, Parvati found herself aligned with almost every single member of the tribe. She made a Final Three deal with Cirie Fields and Amanda Kimmel that succeeded. When Parvati lost the last immunity challenge, it could have been over, but it’s winner Amanda thought Parvati would be easier to beat than Cirie, so she took her to the FTC. Yet, the jury voted 5-3 in Parvati’s favor, making her the Sole Survivor.

Survivor Season 40: Will Adam Klein’s Youth Help His Game?

Also residing in Los Angeles is Millenials vs Gen-X champion Adam Klein. The Survivor superfan used his knowledge of the show to construct a strong strategic gameplay that resulted in him getting a million-dollars richer. Despite being a Millennial, Adam eventually found himself as the second-in-command to David Wright in the Gen-Xer’s alliance.

Throughout the entire season, Adam was always working on who to eliminate next, whether it be pulling the strings or directly targeting someone. Eventually, he turned on David in the final four and voted to boot him. Then, in a unanimous vote by the jury, Adam was crowned the winner. Now, he’ll be the youngest castaway on Winners at War. Will this help or hurt his chances?

Winners at War premieres Wednesday, February 12 at 8 pm on CBS.

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