‘Survivor Winners at War’: Then and Now Photos for All 20 Players – See How They’ve Changed

Survivor: Winners at War – See the ‘Then and Now’ photos for all 20 players. It is an impressive roster of past Survivor players. If you’re a long-time watcher, you may already know all these castaways.

We’ve curated a gallery of all the Survivor players from Boston Rob Mariano to Ethan Zohn so you can see what they looked like when they first played as Survivor castaways versus how they look in Season 40 of the CBS competition. Check it out.

Season 37 – Nick Wilson – Survivor: David vs Goliath

See Nick Wilson’s then vs now looks below. It’s only been 3 seasons since David’s win. But, it looks like he’s been working out a little for the Winners at War season.

Survivor: Nick Wilson - Season 40 - Winners at War

Lawyer Nick Wilson was an underdog to win Survivor. But, a medical evac of Pat Cusack after a boat accident saved Nick from an early out. He formed strong alliances and the David group overcame the Goliath tribe using two advantages and an idol to break down the majority. Then, Nick, as the last David went on a string of immunity wins breaking the Goliath tribe. That took him to the end council where he beat Mike White and Angelina Keeney 7-3-0.

Season 36 – Wendell Holland – Survivor: Ghost Island

Check out Wendell Holland now & then looks below. (Actually, he hasn’t changed that much)

Survivor: Wendell Holland - Season 40 - Winners at War

Wendell Holland is a furniture maker with a top-notch social strategy on Ghost Island. His Survivor game hinged on an early alliance with Domenick Abbate. Many of the jury admired Wendell’s game as best-case for how to play. In the end, it was a history making moment at final tribal. When Jeff Probst read the votes, it was a tie between Wendell and Domenick with no votes for finalist Laurel Johnson. That pushed her to make the tie-breaker vote and she chose Wendell.

Season 35 – Ben Driebergen – Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers

See Ben Driebergen below now and then. Looks like he’s toned up a little bit for this season of Survivor.

Survivor: Ben Driebergen - Season 40 - Winners at War

Headstrong ex-Marine Ben Driebergen could be bad-tempered on the Heroes tribe. His controlling approach rubbed fellow castaways the wrong way but his skill at foraging for idols served him well. Ben also dominated a final fire challenge. This twist saw the final four not vote someone out. Instead, final Survivor immunity winner Chrissy Hofbeck chose Ryan Ulrich to take to the end forcing Ben and Devon Pinto to make fire. In the end, Ben defeated those two with a 5-2-1 jury vote. See him below now and then.

Season 34 – Sarah Lacina – Game Changers

See what Sarah Lacina looked like in season 28 versus now as she returns in Winners at War. Six season’s later and she’s still rockin’ the same bikini top.

Survivor: Sarah Lacina - Season 40 - Winners at War

Police officer Sarah Lacina played twice and won once having gone out as the first jury member in Survivor: Cagayan. She played more aggressively when she came back in Game Changers. Sarah scored both a legacy advantage and a vote steal and also set up several blindsides. She was a mighty social player among a season of veterans. At the final jury, she faced Brad Culpepper and Troyzan Robertson, winning 7-3-0.

Season 33 – Adam Klein – Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X

See Adam as he played the game then – and also now.

Survivor: Adam Klein - Season 40 - Winners at War

Millennial Adam Klein was a superfan that ultimately turned on his own after a tribe swap. Despite bungling immunity idol plays and losing a rock draw, Adam was able to pull out a win. His alliance with brilliant player David Wright helped him along since they made it to the end four strong. But Adam was key to sending David out pitting him against Hannah Shapiro and Ken McNickle. He beat those two solidly with a unanimous Survivor jury vote 10-0-0 for him.

Season 32 – Michele Fitzgerald – Survivor: Kaoh Rong: Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty

See Michele’s appearance then and now for the differences. Still looking good 8 seasons later.

Michele Fitzgerald - Season 40 - Winners at War

A quieter player, bartender Michele Fitzgerald’s honest approach and strong social skills led her to the end of the season. She played on the Beauty tribe and lucked out by avoiding tribal council for much of the game. She was also first to ever block a Survivor juror, choosing to kill Neal Gottlieb’s vote, which would have gone Aubry Bracco’s way, no doubt. In the end, Michele won at jury with a 5-2-0 vote beating Aubry and the beloved but ineffective Tai Trang.

Season 31 – Jeremy Collins – Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance

See what Jeremy Collins looked like then and also now. Jeremy has always been in great shape. But 9 seasons have gone by and he looks like he may have added a few extra muscles for Season 40.

Survivor: Jeremy Collins - Season 40 - Winners at War


Firefighter Jeremy Collins lost Season 29 but came back to play again two seasons later. In his first Survivor go-round, in San Juan Del Sur, Jeremy showed himself to be a huge physical threat and first winner ever of a Hero Duel. After a blindside ousting, he came back for Second Chance, scoring two hidden idols helped get him to the end along with hiding behind larger targets. Jeremy won in a majority vote at final tribal against Spencer Bledsoe and Tasha Fox.

Season 29 – Natalie Anderson – San Juan del Sur

Here’s what Natalie Anderson looked like then – and now.

Natalie Anderson

Natalie Anderson won the season despite her twin Nadiya Anderson being sent out early and leaving her alone. Natalie forged a majority alliance and flew under the radar while playing a strong social game. Her season featured controversial baseballer John Rocker. As the days ticked down, Natalie played Survivor harder setting up several blindsides. She won in a 5-2-1 vote against Jaclyn Schultz and Missy Payne.

Season 28 – Tony Vlachos – Cagayan – Brawn v Brains v Beauty

Check out Tony’s pics from back then versus the new season. He may be a few years older, but he looks like he can give the younger ones a run for their money.

Survivor: Tony Vlachos - Season 40 - Winners at War

Police officer from Jersey, Tony Vlachos, played twice but won just once at Survivor: Cagayan. He came back for Game Changers, but went out early with Sandra’s knife in his back that season. In his winning season, Tony played a dirty, lying, low-down game featuring spy-shacks and immunity idol finds. Despite his devious ways and the edit CBS gave him, fellow castaways actually liked him. In the end, Tony beat Woo Hwang 8-1 at the jury vote.

Season 27 – Tyson Apostol – Survivor: Blood vs Water

Check Tyson Apostol out now versus then. Longer hair but still in great shape.

Survivor: Tyson Apostol - Season 40 - Winners at War

You might recall that fan-fave Tyson Apostol played three seasons. He came in 5th in Survivor Season 18 Tocantins. Then, on the Villains tribe in Heroes vs Villains Season 20, Tyson did worse, voted out sixth. Scheming Parvati Shallow and Russell Hantz sent him packing in his second go-round. But, he came back strong on the 27th season Blood vs Water playing with girlfriend (and now wife) Rachel Foulger. He won in a 7-1-0 vote against Monica Culpepper and Gervase Peterson.

Season 25 – Denise Stapley – Philippines

Check out Denise Stapley’s then and now pics.

Survivor: Denise Stapley


Sex therapist Denise Stapley put her people skills to work and survived despite her tribe flopping terribly pre-merge with no votes ever cast against her in Matsing. That’s despite her never having no individual immunity wins to that point. Denise played Survivor smoothly but strategically and survived every single tribal – and she sat at them all. She owns the distinctions of the oldest female winner so far and also the shortest. And she’s the oldest player heading into Winners at War.

Season 24 – Kim Spradlin – Survivor: One World

See Kim Spradlin’s changing looks then versus her look now. After 16 years she still has a washboard stomach, Amazing.

Kim Spradlin - Season 40 - Winners at War

Interior designer Kim Spradlin-Wolfe played a clever social game on Survivor vwhile intentionally underplaying her physical challenge skills. She led the triumphant all-women’s alliance that blindsided the remaining men in the game. Tarzan Smith was the last guy to go, then the ladies turned on each other. In the end, it was Kim winning 7-2-0 against Sabrina Thompson and Chelsea Meissner with the latter dissed by the jury as Kim’s pawn and Sabrina for not playing hard. See Kim’s changing looks then versus her look now.

Season 23 – Sophie Clarke – South Pacific

See what Sophie looked like then – and how she looks now.

Sophie Clarke

An early alliance and low-key gameplay took Sophie Clark to the end on Survivor: South Pacific. Her night one alliance stayed strong throughout the game. This season was infamous for the outrageous antics of Russell Hantz’s nephew Brandon Hantz. And she took down marathon Survivor Ozzy Lusth but it was a close call at the final immunity challenge. In the end, Sophie beat veteran “Coach” Benjamin Wade and also Albert Destrade in a 6-3-0 vote. See what Sophie looked like then – and how she looks now.

Season 22 – Boston Rob Mariano – Survivor: Redemption Island

See Rob’s now pics and then below. Rob was a college athlete and may be going into the game with his Dad Bod to appear less of a threat.

Survivor: Boston Rob Mariano - 40 Winners at War

Four-time player, one-time winner Boston Rob Mariano’s a Survivor legend. He played Season 4 (Marquesas), 8 (All-Stars), and 20 (Heroes v Villains) before winning his own redemption in Season 22. Rob had an advantage with so much experience. No doubt, his tight control of his alliance that barred talking strategy outside their group took him far. Plus, David Murphy lobbied the jury hard on his behalf. So, Rob defeated Andrea Boehlke and Ashley Underwood 8-1-0. See Rob’s now pics and then above.

Season 16 – Parvati Shallow – Micronesia – Fans vs Favorites

See how Parvati looks now and in her first run on the show. The always beautiful Parvati hasn’t lost a step in 24 seasons.

Survivor: Parvati Shallow - Season 40 - Winners at War


Manipulative Parvati Shallow flirted her way out of the game on Survivor: Cook Islands. But, that approach helped her win her second time around on Fans v Favorites. She played again in Heroes v Villains but lost to Sandra in her second win. The veterans targeted the fans and things got bitter. In the end, Parvati beat fellow vet Amanda Kimmel 5-3 in the end. Then, she came back to play again but came out as the runner-up in Season 20. See how Parvati looks now and in her first run on the show.

Season 13 – Yul Kwon – Survivor: Cook Islands

Get a glimpse at Yul’s look now versus then. 27 season’s later, he hasn’t changed much. He still looks in top shape.

Survivor: Yul Kwon - Season 40 - Winners at War

Formidable Yul Kwon proved a mental and physical threat on Survivor: Cook Islands. This season was controversial with tribes drawn along ethnic lines of African-American, Asian-American, Caucasian, and Hispanic. Avoiding tribal council six times helped, but it was Yul’s strategic thinking that won him the game, but the vote was close in a season that marked the leap from final two to final three. Yul beat Ozzy Lusth in a 5-4 vote with no votes for Becky Lee.

Season 11 – Danni Boatwright – Guatemala

See Danni’s now & then look below. She first played 29 seasons ago and looks like she can still get into guy’s heads.

Survivor: Danni Boatwright

Former beauty queen Danni Boatwright played Survivor like Miss Congeniality with a strong social game. The stealth bomber overcame an imbalance at the merge winning an auction advantage that led to an immunity challenge win. That led Danni to for the majority alliance to turn on itself and she worked her way towards the end. She took a cutthroat opponent to the end and beat Stephanie LaGross at the final tribal council in a 6-1 vote.

Season 8 – Amber Brkich Mariano – Survivor: All-Stars

See how Amber looked now versus then. Boston Rob is one lucky guy.

Amber Brkich Mariano - Season 40 - Winners at War

Two-time player and one-time winner, Amber Brkich, now Amber Mariano played first in the second season Survivor: Australian Outback. Her first go-round, she played well but was too much of a threat to keep around post-merge. Then, in the All-Stars season, she met future husband Rob Mariano where they dominated the game as allies. In the end, it was Amber versus Rob at the final tribal council and he proposed just before the votes handed her a 4-3 win. See how Amber looked now versus then.

Season 7 & 20 -Two Time Winner Sandra Diaz-Twine – Pearl Islands and Heroes vs Villains

See her then and also now. The Queen of the game looked so innocent 33 seasons ago.

Survivor: Sandra Diaz-Twine - Season 40 - Winners at War

The only two-time Survivor winner (for now) is Sandra Diaz-Twine. She’s played three times and served as a mentor on Island of the Idols recently. The first time she played in season seven, Sandra won 6-1 against Lillian Morris. Then, she won again in Survivor 20 as a villain beating Russell and Parvati 6-3-0. Then she tried again in Season 34, Game Changers, but the tribe smartly cut her early as the sixth one to go. Now, Sandra’s back for her fourth-go round and a shot at a third win.

Season 3 – Ethan Zohn – Survivor: Africa

See Ethan’s then vs now pics. He first won Survivor 37 seasons ago and then survived cancer.

Ethan Zohn

Pro soccer player Ethan Zohn is the returnee from the earliest season of Survivor back for Winners at War. He’s played twice, won once. On Survivor: Africa, way back in 2001, Ethan had to worry about actual predators as well as castaways. He did well due to immense likeability. He stuck close to his alliance then defeated ally Kim Johnson 5-2 in the end. But, in his second go, he and all the other winners were voted out – but he was last of that group to go.

Season 1 – Jeff Probst – The Real Winner of Survivor… Every Season

The list would not be complete without you know who. Check out Jeff Probst’s pics from the start to 20 years later. Someone must have made a deal with the devil to keep looking that good.

Survivor: Jeff Probst

Jeff Probst has an estimated net worth of over $40 million dollars. To put that into perspective, it’s like winning every season of survivor without paying taxes on the winnings. Jeff is the true winner of the game.

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