‘Survivor: Winners at War’ Spoilers: Adam Klein Faces Backlash After Rookie Mistake

Survivor: Winners at War spoilers tease Adam Klein going on an apology tour after one of his game moves backfired. He tried blindsiding Parvati Shallow last week but spilled his alliance’s plans to the other side. Now, Boston Rob Mariano is gunning for him. And things aren’t going to be easy for the 29-year-old because his rookie move won’t be forgotten so easily.

Survivor Spoilers: Adam Klein Tells Boston Rob The Parvati Plan

It’s become New Schoolers vs Old Schoolers in the Sele tribe on this season of Survivor. When they lost the immunity challenge to Dakal in last week’s Winners at War episode, the younger alliance planned on taking out Parvati Shallow. Arguably one of the best players, it was a smart choice, but Adam Klein blew it by telling Boston Rob Mariano he was voting against Parvati. Adam wanted to play both sides and not let Boston Rob get blindsided when Parvati, one of Rob’s closest allies, was voted out.

Boston Rob used this against Adam Klein. He told the rest of Adam’s alliance, including Jeremy Collins, Michele Fitzgerald, Denise Stapley, and Ben Driebergen that Adam was a rat. Then put out a hit on Adam.

But luckily for Adam Klein, his Survivor alliance wasn’t following through with Rob’s orders. Instead, they voted out Ethan Zohn, who looked shocked as Jeff Probst snuffed his torch.

Adam Under Pressure After Mistake Blows Up In His Face

Although the tribe didn’t send Adam Klein to the Edge of Extinction, he’s in a lot of hot water for his bad move. Something that he’s incredibly aware of according to the previews for this week’s Survivor: Winners at War episode. Parvati Shallow attributed his actions as “breaking the cardinal rule of Survivor“. So, he’s going on an apology tour in order to mend fences with his alliance.

“I got left out of the vote by the people I was supposed to be aligned with,” Adam says in the sneak peek. “I just did everything you’re not supposed to do in Survivor”. He even had the confidence to “think I could get away with it”. He must have forgotten that he’s playing with champions and not a tribe of newbies.

Survivor Spoilers: Someone’s Out For Revenge

This next episode is called “I Like Revenge” and it definitely has something to do with Adam Klein. And from the way Boston Rob talked to Adam after tribal council, it might be the five-time player handing out the dish best served cold.

Winners at War airs tonight at 8/7c on CBS.

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