‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Sports New Hair Style in Real-Time

Sister Wives star Meri Brown usually sports wavy locks but today she shares her new hairstyle while wearing a shirt describing her mindset. With the new Sister Wives season a week away, it looks like Meri Brown is changing things up a bit.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Wants to ‘Be Different’

All through the holidays, Meri Brown had her wavy shoulder-length hair. She showed up in a few pictures online with the family enjoying the festivities.

When the upcoming season of Sister Wives starts, Meri Brown will still have the same style. But today Meri changed things up a bit. Not only did she wear a shirt with the message “Be Different” in a new selfie, but her hair also looks different as well.

So it looks like this Sister Wives celeb decided to take that advice she shares in that message on her shirt. For one thing, she applied that thought to a new look in a hairstyle.

Her new style is straight and whispy along the edges. This new do also makes her look about 10-years younger. Sure people say that all the time but it really does seem to give a more youthful look to the Sister Wives matriarch.

This isn’t the first time Meri Brown wore her hair this way but it looks newly styled. Not to mention her eyebrows look newly sculpted as well.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Meri Brown Busy This Season

With the Sister Wives about to roll out Season 14, it looks like the family is doing a great job at looking united. The new previews suggest the family is working through a few battles and attempting to clean up a few messes.

With so many tears and even exploding tempers on the preview clips, it looks like a little damage control was needed. So the Brown family shared photos of the holidays together.

That includes Meri Brown. The previews seemed to indicate a torn plural marriage for the Sister Wives spouses. The scenes also look like Meri Brown is unraveling further away from the core of the family. So what better way to say that things are fine than to show Meri celebrating with her shared husband and co-wives.

Sister Wives: New Fresh Look Far From the Tears

So if fans of the Sister Wives were at all rattled after seeing Meri go through some painful scenes in the preview, no need to fret. Meri Brown shares her new look and a new motto today.”Be Different,” which she wears on her shirt.

From the looks of things, Meri Brown weathered the new season just fine. While fans of the TLC show haven’t seen any of the episodes of the new season yet, it was filmed many months ago. So what the new season brings and what’s happening in real-time are two different things.

Next week Sister Wives and Season 14 finally arrives. Tune in to TLC on Sunday night, January 5, 2020, for the much-anticipated premiere. To say the new season is much anticipated might be an understatement. As you see above, the promo clip already has over 1 million views after it posted a week ago.

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