‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Fashion ‘Fail’ Posted Online – Fans Soften Blow [Photos]

Sister Wives star Meri Brown sells clothing online and wears the brand as well. But, there are times when fans think she misses with her choices. First, Meri is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to sales. The matriarch of the Sister Wives is a top sales associate for the online-only clothing line.

Plus, the entrepreneur shares that she wears LuLaRoe branded attire daily. She gets plenty of praise for her fashion choices. But once in a while, her followers claim she doesn’t quite get it right. Still, her fans let her know it, but nicely.

Sister Wives: Some Think Meri Brown’s Not Always Picture Perfect?

Some Meri Brown fans offer more gentle criticism when they think she’s not looking too stellar. Or they might drop an unkind emoji when she misses the fashion mark in their eyes. Many of her Sister Wives followers tend to leave positive comments for Meri. Some do this no matter what she’s wearing.

What Meri Brown has going for her with the Sister Wives show fame seems to award her a win-win for sales. The first wife of Kody Brown amassed hundreds of thousands of online followers. And she seems to have no issue leveraging social media to reach potential customers.

Meri Brown links to her sales website where she displays her clothing choices. And, she also models the clothes. Despite accusations about the LuLaRoe corporation, Meri Brown’s clearly one of their success stories. Much of that success is due to Sister Wives’ Meri Brown’s considerable social media influence.

Did You See What She Had On?

Despite her Sister Wives fame, Meri Brown is like most women when it comes to their wardrobe. Once in a while, they will pull a “miss” out of the closet. Most of the pieces from the LuLaRoe selection seem to be sold separately. So, Meri Brown mix and matches to create her daily outfits.

Most of the time, the comments suggest Meri Brown hits a home run. People chime in to tell her she looks great and to ask questions about the clothes she’s wearing in her photos. But once in a while, something looks a bit off-kilter to her followers.

Then there are a few times that people suggested the LuLaRoe outfit worn by Sister Wives sales rep Meri was just a complete fail. You can check out a few of Meri Brown’s looks below.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown


Sister Wives: Fan Critics Let Meri Know What They Think

Can you guess which of the outfits Meri Brown has on above-had people asking what the Sister Wives co-star was thinking? Out of all the above fashion looks, it’s the one on the left with striped shirt and floral skirt that racked up comments about her choice of a color scheme. People seemed to zone in on that outfit more than the others.

Most of the time, Meri Brown looks fashion-forward and together in her LuLaRoe choices. But, sometimes in the past, even her most loyal followers chimed in with comments on her style. People are usually kind when they offer a negative comment to Meri Brown about her clothes. Many just drop in a few emojis to pass along the message the outfit doesn’t work for her.

Be sure to watch Sister Wives Season 14 rolls out next week on Sunday, January 5. TLC opens the reality show with a two-hour premiere at 9 pm.

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