‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown’s Bizarre Confession – She May Have That in Stock?

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown seems to fess up to something that she wished she never did in one of her latest riddle-like posts. She’s also getting good at sharing her emotions for the day across one of the t-shirts that she just happens to have in stock.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Offers More Clarity Than Before

This time around the Sister Wives matriarch clarified a bit more than usual than what she offers in her cryptic style messages. So for once, you know what she is saying – well almost.  Meri dons a t-shirt that has the logo “Well, that didn’t go as planned”.

This is one of the latest logos she offers up to fans. But Meri Brown also asks in the post if anyone can relate to what her shirt happens to say. Of course, everyone had a story to tell in the comment section after that. Then a day later she posted an image and it resembles a lift-off into a new world.

The words say that a “cycle has ended”. Then it claims what comes next is what’s supposed to happen. The message warns to stay calm and just let life happen. So, it looks as if these alluring crumbs bait the Sister Wives viewers to wonder about Meri’s new lease on life.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

What Is Meri Up To?

It’s easy to see this first Sister Wives co-wife has her fans convinced she’s about to jump ship from Kody Brown. But is that what Meri Brown wants the fans to think?

Don’t forget the Brown clan is in a heap of hot water when it comes to finances. It must still be that way since the last Sister Wives season came to a close. Christine Brown recently revealed she’s got to raise some quick cash.

The third wife of the Sister Wives clan told her followers that she’s attempting to raise $50 K to fund her daughter’s surgery. That is what the cost will be even with the insurance kicking in to pay. It sounds like a huge co-pay and she plans to use the money she makes from selling the brand of clothes both she and Meri represent.

She couldn’t say which daughter, but she did say it was discussed previously on Sister Wives episodes. That brings the fans to the immediate conclusion that the surgery is for Ysabel Brown.

With a diagnosis of scoliosis, fans learned from the show that she may need a future major surgical procedure to correct that curve in her spine. It looks like the future arrived.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: She’s Quite the Businesswoman that Meri Brown

With money problems up the ying-yang maybe all of these messages are meant to keep the Sister Wives audience interested. They have to keep the drama going.

Saturating the fans with these open-ended messages about shuffling-off into a new life pretty much breeds intrigue. The online followers will flock to the new season, which is filming now, just to see where Meri ended up in all of this.

There’s also another angle that seems to follow suit with these messages. Meri Brown has a lot of t-shirts with the same messages on them that she’s sending out into the Sister Wives universe. After all, she’s a top sales rep for the company she works for.

It seems at times that Meri’s doing double duty with these – I will overcome and conquer life messages. of hers. It’s great advertising for the Sister Wives series and great advertising for those message-toting t-shirts.

So, are the fans falling for some creative advertising coming from Meri Brown? Do you own a t-shirt with a message that Meri mentioned online? Do you plan to watch the new season of Sister Wives? If the answer is yes to both those questions, maybe this seemingly elaborate ploy is working on you too.

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