‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Stuns in Swimsuit Pose – Tan and Confident in Pic

Sister Wives star Meri Brown strikes a pose on a tropical beach that offers a completely different look at the first wife of Kody Brown. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this one of Meri Brown in a swimsuit has a lot to say.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown – Swimsuit on the Rocks

It looks like Meri Brown has come into her own and living life to it’s fullest today. Fans who follow the Sister Wives celeb online know that she’s on a cruise along with her co-workers from Lularoe.

Since she’s posted photos from each leg of this journey it looks as though she’s invested in keeping her fans informed. But is that all there is to these pics?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Photos Work Double Time?

Just maybe there’s another reason for all these photos as well? It’s also possible this wife with a shared husband offers up a bit of fuel for jealousy.

Even if that’s not what she had in mind, Kody is bound to get a wee bit green with envy. Especially after the recent photo posted above.

One of her latest posts shows Meri Brown sitting on rocks along a shoreline of sky-blue water. She’s tan and showing a bit of cleavage in the shot. It looks like the fans Sister Wives took notice. One of the TLC show’s viewers wrote, “things sure have changed since we were first introduced to this family.”

Not the Sister Wives Show of Yesterday?

The buzz surrounding this picture isn’t about Meri Brown showing skin. Certainly, she’s not scantily-clad like some celebs in swimsuits online. Furthermore, what she has on is appropriate for shopping or a restaurant.

The fans notice more about the transformation of the woman who is Kody Brown’s first wife. Rather than focusing on what she’s wearing. She’s looking so much more confident about who she is today.

Her hashtags also reflect this as well. Hashtags such as, “LivingMyWhy” and “BecauseICan” seem to say it all! Seems she’s the one to say why and she’s doing it just because she can!

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

A Fan Favorite

Meri Brown is a fan favorite, which is evident from the number of followers she has online. Seems a day doesn’t go by without someone on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook urging this Sister Wives spouse to leave Kody Brown.

Many fans would love to see Meri out of this plural marriage. Better yet, they’d like to see her with a man she can call all her own.

Sister Wives: Christine, Janelle, and Robyn Brown Not Very Sisterly?

Meri Brown endured some rather negative behavior during this season of Sister Wives. Kody Brown led the pack in an attempt to get Meri to conform to his ways this season. Furthermore, the other spouses didn’t help matters.

At one point this Sister Wives season, Christine Brown told Meri point blank she’s not comfortable with her around. Robyn and Janelle Brown questioned Meri almost every step of the way this season.

From buying Lizzie’s Heritage Inn to joining the family in Flagstaff, it seemed as if no one believed what she said. So, when it came to the first wife of this plural marriage, the family seemed divided. It looked like the sides consisted of Meri against Kody Brown and his three other wives.

Kody Brown – Eat Your Heart Out?

Since Kody’s first wife has been on this cruise the pictures she posts almost have a taunting nature to them. She’s posted snapshots that show her with a few different men. Sure, they’re all friends – because that’s how the first wife from Sister Wives introduces them in the caption. Still, it doesn’t stop the rumors from spinning that suggest Meri is dating all these men.

It looks like the posted pics of Meri are enough to spark just a twinge of jealousy in any husband. Yet there’s no mention of the photos from Kody so far. The picture that has tongues wagging today is the one of Meri by the water’s edge on those rocks. That photo could easily say to Kody Brown – look what you are missing!

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