‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Slips Just as She Makes Headway?

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown appears to make headway with family togetherness these days but a recent reveal might set her back a few steps. It seems Meri Brown spun somewhat of a mystery for a long time about just where she stood with her family. Just as she clears that up, something she does renders it murky again.

Sister Wives: Does Meri Brown Mean What She Says?

Kody Brown made it clear on the last Sister Wives season where he stood with Meri. Then she spent the better part of the hiatus between seasons alerting fans in cryptic messages about the pain and loneliness of it all. Or at least that’s what these open-ended messages caused her fans to assume.

Several of Meri’s messages sounded as if she addressed the other Sister Wives women. For many of the first wife’s followers, it sounded as if she described her entire family as keeping her at arm’s length. But she suddenly emerged to say that despite the chatter, she loves her man and she’s staying.

So there was no confusion around what man she’s talking about, she offered up a picture of herself and Kody.

Sister Wives : Meri Brown

But Not Her Most Favorite Picture?

Not long after this, she offered up another photo of herself and two men friends. She appeared in photos before with one or both of these guys. So, they seem to be good friends. But what this Sister Wives co-wife says about the photo seems a bit odd.

Meri declares to her followers that it’s one of her all-time favorite snapshots. As far as the folks who follow her are concerned, these two men are strangers compared to her family members. This Sister Wives mother of one didn’t suggest any of her family pictures fall under her all-time favorite.

This seems to echo something Kody Brown said while at that famous therapy session with Meri. The Sister Wives patriarch claimed that Meri seems to save all her best attitude for friends or her co-workers. He wished she treated the family like she did her acquaintances.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown and Ariella Brown

Sister Wives: No All-Time Favorites With Them?

It looks as if Meri Brown is back within the Sister Wives fold after spending Christmas all together with her co-wives and Kody.  In one of the pictures from Christmas Day, Ariella Brown climbed into Meri’s lap. The original Sister Wives matriarch said she couldn’t leave the festivities that evening.

Apparently, little Ariella wouldn’t let her go home. This photo isn’t dubbed one of her favorites. The same goes for the many family pictures Meri’s offered to her fans.

She’s seen with Kody and her four Sister Wives co-wives in many pictures throughout the years. But none seem to rate an “all-time favorite” of hers.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Just Innocent Blurb?

While Meri probably meant nothing by her caption as a favorite picture, some Sister Wives viewers think she wrote that to stir up the pot. She showed up in several pics with the man on the left before. He’s a friend of hers. But people thought he looked like a new love interest.

She addressed this with her Sister Wives enthusiasts when she passed along that photo of her and Kody. The original matriarch of the Sister Wives clan said she can have male friends. This came right after headlines noted she cuddled up to a guy and it’s not Kody.

So, was this an innocent – all-time favorite” blurb that meant nothing, or did Meri mean to stir the pot again? Just as her followers got used to the idea that she’s with Kody and the family, she decides her fav pic is with strangers.

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