‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Reveals Serious Reason for Week-Long Silence

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown is the most active of all her co-spouses online – so when she went silent last week, fans grew concerned. They blamed marital problems with her shared husband for Meri going MIA off social media. But apparently, there’s more to Meri Brown’s silent treatment than that.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Didn’t Follow Suit

With all that’s going on in the world today, fans asked a new question to the co-wives. They asked the Sister Wives why they don’t use their platform to speak out. Fans put them on the spot, and a couple of wives obliged.

Both Christine Brown and Meri Brown answered this week. Christine jumped in with a generic uplifting post. She said she wants to see the nation and world heal. She also suggested that Sister Wives followers show more love.

Almost instantly, the Sister Wives’ mom saw fan comments turn to reprimands. Some even bordered on bashing. One fan called Christine “disingenuous” for trying to sell products in the same post. Another fan accused her of “beating around the bush”.

But Meri Brown didn’t offer her thoughts about the national turmoil right away. Although, her latest post indicates she took stock of the newsworthy events over the last week.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Kody Brown Knocked Meri Off Her Game?

Kody Brown said some awful things about his life with Meri in the last episodes of the most recent Sister Wives season. So, fans worried about her. Meri seemed blindsided by Kody’s negative statements. He also leveled several accusations about his first wife. These included that he believes Meri tricked him into marrying her.

According to Sister Wives enthusiasts online, Kody said more than enough to send most wives packing. While Meri Brown still claims she’s working on her marriage with Kody, fans aren’t so sure.

Fans thought Meri’s MIA status from social media last week had to do with her marriage problems. They thought perhaps she left the family, especially after she stopped location-tagging her posts.

Some viewers believe she is still with Kody. They also think the scenes where her Sister Wives’ husband demeans her were only for TV drama.

Still, many thought Kody’s demeaning words crushed Meri, and that she would quit the Sister Wives marriage. Now, it looks like something different triggered Meri’s social media silence.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Meri Brown

Sister Wives: So Why the Silence?

Unlike Christine, Meri didn’t post online immediately when fans of the Sister Wives viewers questioned her about not leveraging her platform for a social cause.

Instead, Meri Brown said she pondered and reflected on the events and how to share her thoughts. The original Sister Wives matriarch said she realized her silence might get a “different interpretation” than what she currently feels “in my heart.” Then she shared her thoughts on the national problems.

In the end, her silence was not about Kody Brown. And she seemed to learn from Christine Brown’s recent misstep. When Meri Brown loaded her most recent post, she shut off comments. Meanwhile, Christine went back and turned off comments on her much-criticized post and deleted ones that piled on her.

So, Meri Brown avoided any negative comments altogether. Either she thought ahead or saw what happened to her co-wife.

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