‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Ladies Gush over His Bag-Packing Days [Retro Video]

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown was once seen as a champion for his nightly management of time between all four of his wives but what happened? That was back when the wives seem to gush over their shared husband, or at least they did on the Sister Wives reality show.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Packs His Bags

One of the most asked questions of the Sister Wives adults is about Kody Brown’s “schedule”. They have said this a few times during a decade of interviews. When fans first tuned into the TLC show, all four wives seem to overly praise Kody Brown for his time management among his wives.

During the early days of the Sister Wives series, Kody Brown carried luggage. He went from one house to the next with a bag in tow. In the video below, Kody and his four wives travel together and end up with four rooms in a hotel.

Just like at home, he packs his bag and moves onto the next Sister Wives bedroom while on the road. He does this without any wives missing their turn. Meri Brown claimed back then that Kody is “at a disadvantage” because of all the moving he has to do with his bags.

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown seemed amazed at how Kody handled his time. Again, this was during the earlier seasons of the Sister Wives show.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Marriage Bliss Starts to Mellow, Then Fades, and Now Boils Over

As the years rolled by, the TLC series contained scenes with one or two of the wives feeling slighted at times. So it appeared Kody’s schedule wasn’t as fool-proof as once suggested by the wives.

Fans got to watch this family grow over the past decade of Sister Wives seasons. This includes the growth of the adults as well. With four different wives, it’s like the viewers get a glimpse of four separate marriages.

As in traditional monogamous marriages, the spark sometimes fizzles and romance is replaced by a great friendship. Or sometimes the spark dies for one spouse but not the other. Then there are marriages that end in divorce.

Or the marriage probably should end for good but they stay together despite being miserable. It seems that Kody’s Sister Wives’ relationships cover most of these scenarios.

But as far as his bedroom schedule is concerned, fans know by his own admission that Meri is no longer on that Sister Wives rotation. Kody said he no longer lives with Meri. Then both admitted they no longer go about life as a married couple.

Sister Wives: A Wife Trade-Off For Kody Brown

In one scene during the last season of Sister Wives, Janelle was extremely tired. She was up the night before with her daughter, Maddie Brown Brush, who was in labor. When Kody landed in North Carolina in time for the baby’s birth he brought up his bed sleeping schedule.

Janelle had been at Maddie’s for a while at this point. So Kody said that when he’s away from one wife for a period of time, when they’re reunited, he usually spends the night with her. So it was Janelle’s turn to spend the night with the Sister Wives patriarch.

But Janelle and Kody seem more like buddies than anything else. An exhausted Janelle wanted to go to sleep and nothing more. She didn’t have the energy to fight for the covers and wanted to sleep alone. Since Christine was the only other Sister Wives spouse there, she got Kody by default.

Christine seemed over-the-top thrilled and looked into the Sister Wives camera to call her situation a perk of polygamy. As fans witnessed in the last Sister Wives season, there’s not much gushing about where Kody totes those bags anymore. There’s also one less house he visits with his luggage in hand these days.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown

Maybe One Wife Still Gushing These Days?

Christine looked as if she won a prize that night Janelle was too tired, so it’s probably safe to say she’s still gushing these days. Janelle seemed to end up as Kody’s best friend after all these years. It appears a good night’s sleep takes top billing over romance for this wife.

While Meri is not on Kody’s nighttime schedule these days, on the show she’s attempting her way back. It seems gushing over Kody Brown’s rotation schedule on Sister Wives is no longer the case for even Robyn, who reportedly gets most of Kody’s attention these days. She looks more like she’s playing hard to get with her shared husband after the battle of home-ownership ensued last season.

So the days of praising Kody for keeping for a nightly transfer of living quarters with his bag of belongings by his side seems to be over. Through the years Kody accumulated stuff at each wife’s house.

So he doesn’t have to carry as much luggage as he did in the early days. But he still can’t seem to find one complete outfit from head to toe at any given wife’s home. So he still needs some luggage. But… there’s not much gushing heard these days.

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