‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown in Dire Need of a ‘Tell-All’ for Damage Control?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown needs a “Tell-All” to happen after the accusations that flew out of his mouth on the show continue online today. While he claims he needs to take the “temperature” of his relationships with one of his wives, the fans want to take his temperature as well. Maybe the fans will attempt to look for a fever after what they witnessed come out of this man’s mouth in Season 14.

Sister Wives: Is Kody Brown Going Off Script Or Is It Real Anger?

For this Sister Wives season, they either scripted over-the-top scenes for drama or this polygamous marriage is badly damaged. If not scripted then it seems Kody Brown’s anger got the best of him.

So if he ever needed a “Tell-All” segment to happen, it’s now. He’s in dire need of damage control and a Tell-All could help. But so far it appears it’s not scheduled.

Since Kody Brown and Janelle Brown both deny any scripting of the Sister Wives scenes then it appears Kody’s plural marriage is sick. Or maybe even damaged. But today the fans want to know if it’s beyond repair. Viewers were quick to point this out in their recent comments.

Sister Wives - Kody Brown

Damage Control Needed – A ‘Tell-All’ Might Help?

Many in the audience also assign the blame to Kody Brown for the implosion of this plural marriage on screen this season. Then once the season finished out, some fans accused the family of using a script. But Kody posted online how there’s no script for the Sister Wives. Although he may be a bit manipulated, he added.

Some Sister Wives followers thought the manipulation came from TLC. But since he accused Meri of manipulation while in the therapy session, he most likely meant something along that line.

Many comments online today suggest TLC should cancel the series. They complain it became boring. Then many grew outraged over Kody’s treatment of his wives in a few of the episodes. Many found Kody’s behavior disturbing especially towards his wife, Meri.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Has Some Explaining to Do

Kody Brown might not get the chance to explain his part in the last few episodes of Sister Wives. TLC has 16 episodes listed for Season 14 and 15 of those episodes already aired. But there’s no information on the 16th episode. Most expect it was slated for the Tell-All segment but, again, it’s not mentioned.

It’s possible the nation’s stay-at-home plan got in the way of filming the Tell-All. But at the end of the last episode, only Kody and two of his wives showed up on the couch. Christine Brown and her co-wife Janelle Brown were by Kody’s side. Meri Brown and Robyn Brown were missing.

Meri was scarce in scenes after the therapy session. That’s after Kody told her he was only with her out of “moral obligation” and he blamed her for manipulating him into marriage. A marriage that took place over a quarter of a century ago.

Kody Brown also told the marriage counselor that he didn’t want a relationship with Meri but yet he was there. His words not only stunned Meri but the therapist and the Sister Wives audience as well.

If TLC does roll out a Tell-All, Kody has a lot of explaining to do. But it will be tough for die-hard Meri Brown fans to excuse any of his behavior towards Meri in that therapist’s office. But as it stands today, whether or not that Tell-All will materialize remains a mystery.

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