‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Warned – Becoming ‘One Of Most Hated People on Reality TV’

Sister Wives star Kody Brown really did himself in this season when it comes to the devoted fans of his popular TLC reality show. While people enjoyed jabbing him over his infatuation with his hair and his bedroom schedule, he’s upped the ante in behaviors.

It seems today people despise this Sister Wives patriarch more so than at any other point during his decade-long reality show.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Tests the Water – It Was Frigid

Kody Brown seemed to abandon one of his online sites. His last post on this site was about two years ago. But for some reason, he seemed to break that long hiatus with a post of a selfie outside a pizza place. It was like he decided to test the water after a long time away Fans got right on the post with comments for the Sister Wives husband of four.

Over the last several weeks since that post went up, the Sister Wives comments paint a picture. You can see the fans’ anger grow as the season’s episodes played out. Fans lambasted Kody as he claims he’s religious but yet the way he treats his wives is horrendous according to some fans on social media.

While some comments mention the treatment of his “wives,” many mention Meri Brown in particular. That shouldn’t hit anyone as a surprise if they watched the last season. It looks like Sister Wives took the drama way too far.

This awarded Kody a reputation that leaves him a long road back if he plans to redeem himself. Although Sister Wives may have gone so far with Kody’s behavior that they passed that redeemable point for the patriarch.

Sister Wives; Kody Brown

Fan Offers Warning to Kody Brown and a Dozen Back It Up

Comments made about Kody Brown suggest that for starts, he should be ashamed of himself. They go on to question how he can label this plural marriage under the umbrella of religion. Some even offer quotes from the bible that contradict what viewers see on the Sister Wives show.

Kody Brown is the topic of comments across many of the social media sites today. As the episodes rolled out this season it seems the comments coincided with the intensity of the show.

One of the more recent comments, seen above, warns Kody Brown that he’s “quickly” becoming one of the most “hated” people from a reality TV show. They take that a bit further and suggest that maybe this is Kody’s intention. A dozen Sister Wives followers “Liked” the comment.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Where Is He Leading the Family?

Kody starts off each episode of Sister Wives with his motto. He suggests multiplying love instead of dividing it. But fans point out that he sees to do the opposite today. It looks as if he’s pushing Meri away.

He even said in the therapist’s office that he was relieved at one point when he thought it was over between the two. Meri Brown said she can’t just leave Kody, after fans bombarded her, asking her why she stays.

Leaving Kody means leaving the rest of her Sister Wives family and Meri Brown is not ready to do that. But while the last several episodes rolled out, Meri seemed to concentrate on her bed and breakfast business. She seems to be making improvements and posting them more frequently online.

She’s been busy posting photos of new decor, food from the menu, and history from Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. While she’s kept on top of her posts for her business since opening the inn, lately she’s really busy enticing potential customers to her quaint B&B.

Meri Brown encouraged her fans when first opening Lizzie’s. They thought this was her first step out the door and out from under Kody Brown. She insisted on being the sole owner of the inn much against Kody’s resistance.

Many followers thought she might move to the inn and away from the family. But she didn’t. Although, it doesn’t mean she can’t do that today. So is Meri padding her next nest with all this extra attention to Lizzie’s?

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