‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Teaches Toilet Paper 101 on Next Episode

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown offers an odd twist on money woes this week when he teaches a lesson about saving toilet paper on the TLC show. After a decade of Sister Wives episodes, it sounds like Kody Brown is running out of topics to explore. But if you think back a year ago, this could explain his toilet paper infatuation. When the pandemic first started to hamper daily life, this bathroom tissue was one of the casualties.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Gathers Family Around For Valuable Lesson?

The Sister Wives previews indicate how the effects of the pandemic change the way the Brown clan operates. From mask-wearing to social distancing, Kody Brown and his family find themselves adjusted to a new world.

Back when it all started this included a toilet paper shortage for many parts of the country. So, saving toilet paper might rise out of necessity for the family rather than a money-saving tactic.

So, it sounds as if a discussion on bathroom tissue is in store for Sister Wives viewers this week. Whether or not it’s a one-ply or two-ply lesson remains to be seen. Curiosity alone sparks the fans’ interest. Just what does Kody come up with when attempting to ration this necessity?

Just hearing Kody’s idea on how to save toilet paper should offer some entertainment value. But there’s so much more than cutting corners to watch when the new Sister Wives episode rolls out.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Robyn Brown Terrified

By now Sister Wives viewers have a feel for the way each of Kody’s ladies operates when it comes to their kids. Many would agree Christine Brown pretty much lets her children take the reins around her house. Janelle is a bit more structured but her offspring have plenty of room to think for themselves.

With only one child, Mariah Brown, Meri Brown treats her like a best friend. But when it comes to Robyn, she’s overprotective of her Sister Wives kids. It’s easy to see how the youngest of Kody Brown’s wives hovers over her offspring. Also, the other wives also mentioned how the youngest mother in the family coddles her children. Even Robyn brought up her mothering skills in passing not so long ago on the show. She does agree she gets very involved when it comes to her kids.

So, it stands to reason that Robyn Brown would be the one out of all four of Kody Brown’s Sister Wives brides to be “scared.” She mentions how scared she is of this pandemic several times.

Sister Wives: Kody Banned From One House

While the Sister Wives audience is watching this episode this Sunday, you need to remember they filmed this a year or so ago. Kody and his Sister Wives women navigate through this COVID shut down for the first time. The nation seems used to it now that they lived a year into all the shutdowns and safety precautions. But Kody and his four wives just start their journey as this episode plays out.

While they all take this very seriously, a few of the wives take it more seriously than the others. Janelle Brown is crying when she makes the decision that Kody Brown needs to stay away from her home. Because Kody travels from one house to another, Janelle is worried he could contract COVID and bring it into her home and spread this to her children.

But it seems Kody Brown puts on his Sister Wives thinking cap when the stores start to find themselves with bare shelves. Especially when toilet paper becomes worth its weight in gold. So, through all the fears and worries, it seems as if Kody does entertain the audience with his toilet paper saving technique.

But, it looks like each of the wives does what they can to find their way through the pandemic. And of course, it appears Kody Brown has the bathroom tissue under control on this TLC series.

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