‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Publicly Shames Son – Fans Infuriated

Sister Wives star Kody Brown picked a strange place to dismiss his son’s concerns after Sunday night’s episode aired and fans didn’t like it. Gabriel Brown shared his thoughts on moving during the latest episode. While the kid made it clear that he didn’t want to go, he seemed a bit upset that his parents didn’t hear what he had to say.

It sounds like Kody Brown’s son excels at the high school he attends, both in academics and sports. After listening to Gabriel’s complaint, on Sister Wives Sunday night, you find that he’s very invested in the school’s wrestling team.

Sister Wives: Gabriel Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Makes Public Reprimand to Son

Gabriel sees the possibility of making the team captain in his senior year. But, in Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, it doesn’t look like that possibility exists anymore. Much to the thanks of his father’s proposed move.

After Gabriel’s few minutes on the SW screen, there was no denying the kid was angry. The lad did give a couple of rather dramatic examples of how he was feeling, but this is a kid. At that age, moving away from everything and everybody you know is like your world falling apart. Gabriel’s spiel apparently prompted the Sister Wives patriarch to post his view on his son’s woes. Kody did this on Twitter, which is seen below.

Father Dismissive of Gabriel Brown Sharing His Woes

Fans didn’t take kindly to Kody Brown’s dismissive words. Describing his son as “extremely dramatic” went over like a lead balloon for some Sister Wives viewers. Kody Brown got a lot of backlash for that tweet, which included parenting advice as well for the father of 18.

People hopped on Kody’s tweet to give him a piece of their mind. Many agreed that Gabriel had a right to feel this way. Others said they didn’t see Kody putting his kids first when it comes to this move. One of the main themes from the SW fans online was Kody’s parenting.

As a parent, he shouldn’t have dismissed the kid as being “dramatic.” Instead, he should have helped Gabe work through this, or so the fans suggest online.

Apple Falls From the Tree – Lands Not Far From Sister Wives Dad

Don’t forget, Sunday night’s Sister Wives filmed months ago. So Kody proposed the move to Flagstaff and the family was still in the process of deciding on that move during the latest episode. But the family did eventually move, so it looks like Gabriel’s dreams were crushed.

You might have found yourself thinking the apple didn’t fall far from the tree when watching Gabriel Brown on SW Sunday night. The teen has a lot of his father’s mannerisms. Also, a bit of a Kody Brown attitude seemed to emerge from the teen a few times during the clip of his complaints. But Gabriel Brown is at the age when kids mostly see the world as revolving around them.

Fans Point Drama Finger Right Back at Kody Brown

Gabe’s attitude was age-appropriate and he had a legitimate gripe. Instead of tweeting about how proud he is of his son’s accomplishments, he mows him over as “dramatic.” The Sister Wives head of the family missed that opportunity.

Of course, quite a few online comments pointed the dramatic finger back at Kody. Several SW fans piped in to show Kody Brown the error of his ways. They believe the drama comes from the Brown patriarch more so than his teenage son. So what’s Kody’s next move for helping his son through this?

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