‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Defends Himself with New Catchphrase

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown is the guy who claims to be the leader of his tribe but when things go wrong, he’s quick to share the blame. Many shockers popped up through the decade of this TLC series, Sister Wives. But the latest and probably the most disturbing for fans is Kody’s treatment of Meri Brown. But… that’s not his fault and he recently decided to address a fan who seems to think it is.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Has Last Word

The Sister Wives patriarch usually doesn’t reply to comments from the fans. Especially when they contain something that puts him in a bad light. But when a follower recently said that they were a bit disturbed over Kody’s treatment of his number one bride, Meri Brown, Kody spoke out.

The Sister Wives husband of four called these his “real relationships” that come with “real struggles.” Kody made no secret about his distaste for polygamy lately. He doesn’t seem to have a smooth ride with any of his four wives.

Even Janelle Brown seems to look at him differently these days. The second bride of Kody Brown usually backs Kody when it comes to the big family plans, like housing.

But she too appears perturbed on the latest Sister Wives episodes. Especially over his lack of movement on Coyote Pass. Kody claims he needs some time to relax as four women constantly complaining takes a toll.

So, he’s stalling the ladies when it comes to new homes. But from where the audience sits, it sounds like he’s playing games.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Jump to Real-Time

Kody Brown just put a Sister Wives viewer in their place by suggesting that his behavior goes along with real relationships and real struggles. Meri Brown also spoke out recently about Kody saying there’s no value in the ties he has with her.

She doesn’t agree with Kody Brown’s hurtful and very public summary after 30 years of her Sister Wives’ marriage. That’s because she believes they do have value together. So, why would any woman want to continue to address embarrassing comments like this? Especially from the man, who she stayed married to for more than half her life?

This is the same man who puts a ton of emphasis on love and his Sister Wives’ family. Apparently, he didn’t like hearing that a commenter dissed the way he treats Meri Brown.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Does Kody Hear How He Sounds?

Granted, Kody’s Sister Wives ladies have all said at one time or another that Kody lacks a filter. That’s the filter most people have and use for their thoughts before they come out of their mouth.

It’s bad enough that he thinks these things but when he blurts them out on national television it can cause pain and embarrassment. A lot of the viewers question the lack of respect Kody seems to demonstrate toward the women he married.

Case in point, Meri. She stood by Kody’s side for over 30 years now. For the three decades of their marriage, she stayed through thick and thin. But now Meri Brown seems stuck defending those 30 years because Kody Brown flippantly described their relationship as holding no value.

So, Kody Brown appears flustered when he’s called out for the treatment of his wives on this TLC series. But he doesn’t seem to take any responsibility for this. Lately, his catchphrase for all things rattling inside the family circle comes down to the perils of plural marriage.

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