‘Sister Wives’: Kody and Co-wives Give up Polygamy Lifestyle

Sister Wives star Kody Brown taps into some honesty recently to reveal that he and his ladies threw in the towel on a polygamous lifestyle. So while you watch Sister Wives, the ideals of yesteryear are gone. They no longer adhere to what Kody considers a true polygamy lifestyle

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Lifestyle

Kody Brown admits it is what it is for the Sister Wives adults. They signed up for a plural marriage decades ago. But today they’ve morphed into something else. Even though it’s not true polygamy living, they’re in a place where they feel comfortable today.

Apparently, it took the numerous discussions about living in the big house on Coyote Pass to finally bring true feelings to light. Kody adores his family. It’s a fact that all the Sister Wives women agree upon. While he adores his co-wives as well, it seems there are a few he’s not experiencing the intimate feelings for these days.

This explains his odd comment on this new season. He confused fans when he says sex and romance are saved for those who are in love. It sounds as if maybe Kody considers three of his ladies more like his sisters. That may be the type of love he shares with all his brides at this time in his life, except for one.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Once Frowned Upon the Elders

The Sister Wives patriarch recalls his younger days when he was very critical of the elders in polygamous marriages. When he’d see an older man with his wives scattered in different houses, that bothered him. It wasn’t what polygamy should look like. Or so he thought.

Today he thinks this just might be the natural progression of things. Or the way the culture ends up as it seems to steer that way for his family.

What Kody Brown sees as the main problem in his polygamous clan starts with his wives. They really don’t want to spend the time together. They’d be stuck doing that under one roof.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Roybn Brown

Sister Wives: How Close is Too Close For Kody?

All this hesitation coming from the Sister Wives husband to build on Coyote Pass may also have another reason behind it. Kody Brown doesn’t think his wives really care about living that close together. From what he said during this Sister Wives interview, he thinks they like the distance between them.

The man with the wild head of hair looks into the camera and explains that his wives like the way they are do things now. It doesn’t mean they don’t love and care about the other Sister Wives tribe members. But it does mean they like their anonymity.

Kody Brown already set the record straight about how he’s crazy about the house he purchased with Robyn Brown. Reports indicate that the house is for all intents and purposes, his main Sister Wives’ home. While he does make the rounds to see his other wives and kids, Kody boasts how he adores their new luxury digs.

So, if what Kody Brown says is the real deal, then it looks like the Sister Wives brides are alright with remaining scattered all over Flagstaff. Although, if you watched all the episodes so far this season, it appears as if Janelle Brown still advocates for Coyote Pass.

But Kody continues to stall. Now he’s talking about building homes to rent out along with the four houses on Coyote Pass. He also admits this on the TLC series. So, it appears as if this plural marriage has divided and settled into a new lifestyle as the years rolled by. But now Kody finally admits it.

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