‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Accused of False Advertising?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown gave away jaw-dropping info which, started chatter among the fans who tuned in to the TLC series on Sunday night. Actually, the last episode was just the topper, as viewers believe Kody Brown’s description of his reality series constitutes false advertising today.

Sister Wives: Once About Kody Brown And His Polygamous Lifestyle

As far as many of the Sister Wives followers are concerned, what Kody first sold the audience about this reality venue is long gone. Sister Wives started by offering a look into a polygamous family. They aimed to demonstrate how one man with four wives and 18 kids is not much different than many monogamous marriages.

“Love should be multiplied and not divided” is how he opened each Sister Wives episode. But comparing the first several episodes with the last few, the program changed drastically.

This change is something that’s hit the Sister Wives audience lately. Many originally tuned in out of curiosity. But they stayed after watching how normal it all appeared despite four women sharing one man.

Some viewers could relate to Kody Brown’s co-wives as individual women. But for whatever reason, Kody and his clan have become popular TLC dwellers for the last decade.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Robyn Brown In Brown Clothes

Remember When…

Sister Wives appear to move far away from the original concept. Kody Brown and his clan once appeared desperate to make a happy life together. But today, they don’t get to see each other too much as one big tribe anymore.

From what the viewers witnessed recently, Kody doesn’t appear to care about bringing them together. Building on Coyote Pass would do that. But Kody Brown refuses to talk about it.

Also, by the Sister Wives‘ own admittance, filming brings them all to one place. But that’s pretty much the only time they actually spend time with each other. The ladies don’t treat each other like sisters these days. Some of the women seem toxic to one another.

This sounds more like four separate families related to each other through Kody. Christine said this week that she thinks Kody Brown likes it when his Sister Wives ladies live on their own. It sounds like Kody’s obligation to his wives is to just come around every few days. And… Christine seems to think this suits him just fine. But it doesn’t suit the ladies.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Not Reality But a Sitcom?

Some folks look at Sister Wives as a sitcom today instead of a reality program. Some people think it’s false advertising to call it reality tv. They only get together to film. So, that sounds like a job as they gather for the sake of employment.

Others chimed in to suggest that Kody keeps up a good front. But they think he does this just for the sake of being on television. One day, the series will no longer entice millions of viewers. So, when it runs its last episode, some people bet that the real dynamics surface. But they won’t look like one unified bunch.

They’ll probably go back to living their very separate lives. This is what several fans suggest after all the differences witnessed in the latest season. Still, a few say they’d love it if Kody Brown gets his own spinoff. Some people would like to watch what he does all day.

So maybe if he walks around with cameras in tow they’d get a better look at his real lifestyle. Some of the Sister Wives audience members suggest the series is ripe for a few spinoffs. Maybe about the wives or even some of the adult kids.

But as Kody and his band of wives stand now, some think it’s false advertising. They beckon people to watch a tv program about a polygamous marriage and how it works. But it’s not working and Kody doesn’t appear to want that to change.

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