‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Says What He Loves Most about Each Wife – Risks Bruised Egos?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown recently shared the one thing he loves about each wife. But, he was put on the spot for quick answers at the time. It’s easy to see by Kody’s answers that each of his Sister Wives women appeals to him in very different ways.

Kody Brown chatted in a recent interview and offered many answers to questions that the fans continue to ask through the seasons. Surprisingly, the Sister Wives patriarch didn’t back down from any of the questions asked.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Opens Up On Some Personal Stuff

When Kody Brown was asked to name one thing he loves most about each wife, he only had a moment to reply. The Sister Wives father of 18 was also asked to rattle off the names of all his kids. And he did it –  listing them oldest to youngest with little mumbling. So, gold stars on that.

Kody also said he’s debating one more go at fatherhood. But, also admitted it’s unlikely but said he needs to follow-up with Robyn Brown. The head of the Sister Wives clan said they must consider if her body can take another pregnancy.

Kody Brown also shared that neither he or any of the Sister Wives expect any of their kids to follow in their plural marriage footsteps. Also, Kody Brown addressed why Meri has such a big home all to herself. Kody explained that Meri uses the space for her business but it was also just kismet that they got it.

As it turns out, Meri’s house costs less to rent than any of the other wives’ houses. So, when it came on the rental market, the price was right. So, the Sister Wives first wife grabbed it. It’s also is big enough for the entire family to meet, so that’s a plus as well.

What Does Kody Love About Meri Brown and Janelle Brown?

Then, Liz Luda asked Kody Brown (and he hesitated briefly) to name the one thing he loves about each wife. But then in one breath, he ran down a list from first wife to last. So, he started off with Meri. And, what Kody Brown said about the Sister Wives original spouse might surprise you. Especially because he gave her such a hard time for a few seasons over that catfish scam.

Now, Kody Brown says he loves the “loyalty” he sees in Meri. This is a bit strange given how he questioned her about moving with the Sister Wives family to Flagstaff. Even when she said yes, he still wasn’t sure. Also, Meri endured some cold treatment from her fellow Sister Wives spouses over the last few seasons. But she’s still part of the family. So maybe that’s the loyalty Kody Brown means.

Then, Kody talked about Janelle Brown. What he said should be as Sister Wives viewers expect. Kody loves Janelle’s “intellect”. He recently said on Sister Wives that he can talk to Janelle like one of his buddies. She is also his go-to person for help sorting out finances.

Sister Wives: The One Thing He Loves About Christine Brown and Robyn Brown?

Will Christine Brown take offense to Kody not saying anything romantic about what he loves about her? The one word he tagged Christine with is “fun”. That makes since as Christine’s always goofing around with the kids and Kody. That would flatter many wives, especially after over two decades of marriage.

Last, but certainly not least, is Kody Brown’s fourth of the Sister Wives – Robyn Brown. So, what does Kody love about his youngest wife? Kody cited her “kindness” as the one thing he loves most about Robyn. Maybe it’s due to TLC editing that fans don’t always see what Kody Brown does.

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