‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Reveals Locals Won’t Warm up – Polygamous Clan Taints Town?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown might hear his wives say angels sing in Flagstaff but two years after the move, neighbors sing a different tune. It seems Kody and his family are still not popular among the locals, or so says Papa Brown.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Finds Time Didn’t Fade Neighborhood Angst

When the Sister Wives family first landed in Flagstaff, the neighbors came outside. A couple of Kody’s wives ran into inquisitive and unfriendly neighbors. Meri was even asked to move out of her rental house by her landlord. It seems the neighbors still don’t welcome this polygamous family into their hood. Kody Brown revealed this in a recent interview.

Along with capturing Kody Brown’s thoughts, several Flagstaff residents were also interviewed. People said Kody Brown and his Sister Wives brood kept to themselves. But it was still suggested they weren’t wanted in that city by some of the locals. Some wished the family wasn’t there at all.

One Flagstaff resident offered up their theory. They believed that by Kody Brown living with multiple wives, this gave Flagstaff a reputation. It seems to suggest other men have more than one wife, claimed one person interviewed. With a large Mormon population in that city, there are several churches. But people report they don’t see the Sister Wives family at any of the services.

Getting to Know The Women He Married

One Religious Sect Doesn’t Fit All

Kody and his family belong to Apostolic United Brethren. But it’s just a sect of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Kody’s faith falls under the Mormon religion. But the sect of that religion that’s popular in Flagstaff, doesn’t practice polygamy.

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In a recent interview with The Sun, both Kody and some of the Flagstaff locals had their say. In the two years that Kody lived in Flagstaff, one of his neighbors said they never spoke with him. But is it their lifestyle of plural marriage that keeps neighbors away? Or is it something else that keeps the Sister Wives feeling unwelcomed?

Put yourself in the place of the Sister Wives’ closest neighbors. You know the family next door stars in a reality show. So, what do you do? Would you ignore them or explore the show that offers a legal peeping Tom-like look into their home?

Curiosity would more than likely win out. So, you click on a few Sister Wives episodes and take a look at your new neighbors. If the neighbors caught the last few episodes of the show last season, you can just imagine what they took in. If they did watch then just maybe they felt appalled like the regular viewers of the show reported.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Is It Too Many Wives Or Something Else?

After watching the Sister Wives patriarch verbally attack Meri in the therapist’s office, that might taint a neighbor or two. Maybe they watched Kody turn on Robyn Brown’s waterworks. This happened throughout most of the season over renting vs buying a home.

So maybe Kody Brown collecting too many wives didn’t keep the welcome wagon away from the Sister Wives’ homes. Another possibility for the cold shoulder might stem from the neighbors watching Kody Brown in action with his wives.

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Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter whether or not Kody is really that much of a force in real-life. The viewers saw it on the screen, so that’s what they go by.

Sure, editing could have played a big part in making him look like an ogre. But regardless of how the scenes arrived on screen, they still played out to jaws dropping across the nation.

The Sister Wives leader stunned the die-hard fans last season. So, can you imagine how a new neighbor felt about the people next door or across the street?

With that said, it’s not known why the welcome wagon seemingly broke down before it reached any of Kody Brown’s homes. Last season offered plenty of food for thought on this.

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