‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Reveals What Sparks Jealousy among Co-Wives

Sister Wives star Kody Brown did yet another new interview recently as he makes attempts to explain his latest behaviors on the TLC series. There’s no dancing around it, as a whole. It appears that his Sister Wives ladies appear unhappy these days. It seems as if Kody sees things a bit differently than his wives at times. But wherever the problem stems from, Kody and his co-wives experience trouble in the land of Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Offers Insight

It looks like the Sister Wives patriarch has some distinct views. Especially when it comes to the relationships he shares with each one of his wives. It sounds as if he’s done some deep-down analyzing of the situation.

Kody shares that with his own mother, he is considered the baby of the family. Although that sounds a bit confusing when he explains it. As he does seem to have siblings younger than him. But for the sake of his argument, he considers himself the baby.

Each of his Sister Wives ladies is the firstborn in their family. It sounds as if he thinks the firstborn tends to be bossy. So, when he tries to take control and lead, which is his place in this plural marriage, he meets with opposition.

This opposition has to do with each of his wives being the firstborn child. Or so he claims. It sounds as if Kody believes they’re used to pushing around their younger siblings. So, he uses this for his argument. Kody believes represents a younger sibling to his wives as they tend to buck him with his Sister Wives leadership.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Co-Wives Sense This When All Together Sparking Jealousy

Kody Brown suggests a good amount of jealousy flares up when he is with all four wives together. The romance he shares with each of his Sister Wives ladies differs. It all depends on their relationship at the moment.

So, when all the wives and Kody get together, each of his Sister Wives brides tend to sense where his relationship stands with the other wives. When he’s in a good place with one, the others sense this and jealousy rears its ugly head.

It seems fans got a taste of this on Sunday’s episode. The pandemic first starts for the Sister Wives brood and they hunker down in their individual homes. So, when they get together for a talk, it’s all the four wives on camera. This way they talk to each other from their own houses.

Since Kody Brown doesn’t have a Sister Wives’ home of his own, he is at Christine Brown’s house. This is where he partakes in the latest virtual spouse meeting. Sister Wives viewers caught Christine’s facial expressions as she sat with Kody on camera.

As they conversed with his other brides she seemed to bask in the glory of Kody by her side. Fans caught a moment when she appeared to flash one of those looks that may spark jealousy. Fans thought that facial expression seemed to say, I got him with me and you don’t.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Sings the Pandemic Blues

Kody Brown, who’s without a house of his own, finds it hard to move among the four wives during this pandemic. He claims some of the Sister Wives women take the chances of contracting the COVID virus more seriously than the other wives.

For instance, Janelle Brown has two teen boys at home who still work and play in the outside world. She feels her brood is more at risk due to this. So she voluntarily tells her shared husband to stay away for a while.

Then there’s Robyn, who keeps her tribe isolated. So, she’s minimized the risk as much as humanly possible. Other than placing family members in sealed bubbles, Robyn took isolation to the max.

But it sounds as if Janelle cares enough to shield the other wives’ families. She did this by giving up her time with Kody Brown.

So, when the patriarch tells one of his traveling wives, that he needs to stay away for a few weeks from her house, the trouble starts. He says he hears things like “you don’t love me anymore.”

Kody Brown explains that it is any of his Sister Wives ladies’ choice to travel. But his obligation is to keep the rest of the tribe safe. So until two weeks go by and they remain COVID-free, Kody Brown stays away. With that said, it looks like the pandemic adds another factor when it comes to sparking jealousy between the wives.

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