‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Surfaces in New Pic – Did Stress Take a Toll?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown remained pretty much hidden from any camera since the last season ended but he suddenly surfaced in a new photo. All this stress he talked about at the end of last season might very well show in his looks today.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Weathered By Stress?

While financial woes remained a topic throughout the Sister Wives seasons, it sounds like it’s never been worse than the present day. Even Christine Brown peddled her wares looking to meet a $50,000 co-pay for her daughter’s surgery.

Kody busted into a live-streaming sale that Meri put on a while back. Despite the camera still rolling he told Meri he can’t sleep due to his stress level. Christine pointed out in a quip just recently what Kody did to food.

It looked as though he might binge eat. While she didn’t refer to a binge eating problem, the mutilated tray of fresh-baked rolls left in his wake seemed to tell a story.

As the last season rolled to a close, Kody questioned whether polygamy worked for him anymore. For just about the entire season he managed to put two of his wives in tears more so than not. Both Meri Brown and Robin Brown cried rivers. He even told Meri that she manipulated him into marrying her.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Delayed Crisis in Mid-Life?

Yep, Kody Brown was brutal, according to a good majority of the Sister Wives viewers. Some of the followers even suggested that he acted as if he might be experiencing a late mid-life crisis.

If he did suffer from a mid-life crisis and that’s what prompted this Flagstaff move, then his four Sister Wives didn’t seem to notice. Although they protested the move, they packed up lock, stock, and barrel and followed him.

It’s well known that money is tight. Especially since the Sister Wives patriarch has said this enough times throughout the series. What’s going on now with Kody Brown and finances is anybody’s guess. He recently sold his ownership in Christine’s house back to her for the sum of $10.

It seems he is ridding himself of excess financial baggage. But there may be a good reason for this. Maybe building on Coyote Pass waits around the corner, which would also add a stressful situation. Just divvying up the parcels of land caused a hoopla for the Sister Wives clan.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Gray

Sister Wives: All Covered With Gray

So while plenty of reasons exist for Kody Brown to be covered in gray, no one knows why this happened so quickly. But when this latest photo of Kody Brown surfaced it stunned the Sister Wives enthusiasts.

This is not how they remembered him from the last season. But don’t forget, the last season filmed almost two years ago. So, it’s been more than than just a few months since fans got a glimpse of Kody in real-time.

The consensus among the Sister Wives watchers is that Kody aged since last seeing him on the screen. His co-wives surface on a frequent basis, except for Robyn. But fans ooh and awe about how great Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Janelle Brown look when they pop up in real-time.

It looks as if the Sister Wives leader lost his golden ringlets and gold-colored facial hair. In its place, it looks as if gray took over. To be fair, Kody put his hair back for this new photo, so it may look different just straight down. Although, gray hair is gray hair.

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