‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Teenage Son Just Called Him – What?

Sister Wives fans got to Kody Brown’s family and especially Gabriel Brown, react poorly to the patriarch’s big idea on the latest episode. Gabriel Brown, one of the teenage triplets of Janelle and Kody Brown, gets indignant at the thought of moving.

For some reason, the TLC cameras give Gabriel a bit more airtime than usually awarded the kids on Sister Wives. After Sunday night’s show, it was clear why they might want to spotlight him this season. You can watch that scene in the video below.

Sister Wives: Gabriel Brown Bucks the Kody Brown System?

It looks like Gabriel doesn’t want any part of this move to Flagstaff. He excelled in both academics and sports at his Vegas high school. Despite Janelle attempting to smooth things over – her son is mad at her. He tells the Sister Wives cameras he doesn’t want to talk to his mother.

Gabe is just a kid and most teens would react with a little attitude. It’s understandable that he’s mad at Kody Brown for forcing this move on him. But there’s something Gabriel Brown said to Janelle, seemingly about Kody, that’s a jaw-dropping moment.

Condemning Papa Brown?

Sure, any kid would probably lash out under these circumstances but it is the words Gabriel Brown used to describe Kody Brown, head of the Sister Wives family, that seem very odd.

When Janelle first made her way upstairs to her son’s room she said she wanted to know how Gabriel was doing. This came right after the family meeting, led by Kody, about the move.

Gabriel Brown Strikes Out Verbally

Gabriel, once again seeming angry, said to his mother about the move, “just do what the slave-driver says”. Wow – is he calling Kody Brown a “slave driver” for forcing this move on the Brown family? Sure sounds like it. But also, Gabriel Brown tries not to upset his mom.

Janelle complained that one of his sisters has to stay inside all summer due to the Vegas heat. She uses this as one excuse to move. Out of earshot of mom, Kody Brown’s son Gabriel tells the Sister Wives camera he doesn’t care — that’s his sister’s problem. It has nothing to do with how he feels.

Sister Wives: Surprising Scene of Brown Son Airs on TLC

Showing footage of a hopping mad Gabriel Brown gave viewers a window into how much this move effects at least one family member. But it is surprising they aired it with Gabriel using such a derogatory term, clearly about Kody. He wasn’t calling Janelle a slave driver because she doesn’t want to move either and wasn’t the one making the pronouncement. Kody was.

Perhaps Gabriel Brown threw the words out there in a moment of anger as Kody Brown once again calls all the shots in the family. Of course, Kody rules the roost, but it seems he’s not liking it. But, why did TLC decide to put that on the air? While the kids crop up on Sister Wives more now that they’re getting older, it’s usually under happier circumstances.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Kids Off-Limits?

While the episode could have shown Gabriel Brown upset without name-calling his dad, TLC didn’t go that route. Should kids be off-limits for criticism on reality shows? But in this case, it seemed like Gabriel’s tantrum baited some viewers.

There are those that made negative comments about the actions of Kody Brown’s teenager. In fact, some viewers called Gabriel out for “childish” behavior. But the majority of the comments sided with the teen and his anger over this forced move.

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