‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown and Family’s New Season Only Weeks Away?

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown, along with his four wives, will grace your living room screens once again when the new Season 15 rolls out. Hopefully, if a brand new viewer tunes in for the first time to watch Sister Wives Season 15, they won’t be disappointed.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Fans Say Time For A Change

Unless Kody and his crew explore another avenue this new season, viewers may lose interest. Unless they change it up a bit people may think it’s about a family who likes to move a lot. Not to mention talk about moving before and after the move.

Over the last few seasons, fans of the TLC reality show complained that the storyline got stale. Some suggested anyone tuning in for the first time might not make a return visit because it became monotonous.

But just maybe the Sister Wives family members heard what fans had to say during the hiatus in-between seasons. If they did, hopefully, they found a way to spice it up a bit.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

New Season for Kody Brown

TLC still hasn’t offered so much as a word about the new season. But several members of Kody Brown’s tribe did. Months ago, a couple of the wives and a few of the adult children confirmed a new season of Sister Wives in the works.

So fans know a new season is on the way. But will it arrive anytime soon? When can the Sister Wives enthusiasts expect this? Don’t despair, it seems history already started to repeat itself when it comes to a season rollout.

The last several seasons premiered in January. The season trailer hit the airwaves in the middle of December. So fans only had a few weeks of notice that Sister Wives’ show was ready to return and it did on January 5th.

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Sister Wives: History Repeating Itself?

Through the last decade, Sister Wives made 14 season premieres. In the earlier days of the Sister Wives series, the premiere popped up in any given month of the year.

That is up until a few years back, when January seemed to be the target month for TLC to offer the start of new seasons. Instead of June, August, or November, the last several seasons started in January.

TLC also dropped the teaser just weeks before the season began last year. So, if history does repeat itself, Sister Wives watchers might start looking for that season 15 teaser or trailer sometime in the middle of this month.

Then once the word from TLC comes, the season premiere is usually right on its heels. Kody Brown and his tribe left fans with many unanswered questions as last season came to an abrupt close.

Only Kody Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown sat on that couch. They rapidly fired-off the unfinished family business in hopes of enticing viewers back.

Meri Brown and Robyn Brown were noticeably missing from that segment. This came on the heels of Kody’s blowup in the therapist’s office with Meri.

It also came on the heels of Kody leaving Robyn in tears over her move into a home they purchased. She wanted a rental but Kody won out and they bought a home.

So, going from past history, look for the first word of the season sometime in the middle of December via a teaser or trailer. Then keep your fingers crossed that an early January premiere follows, just like it did in recent years past.

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