Sister Wives: Kody Brown Rumors Validated – Promises Broken In New Season

Sister Wives star Kody Brown made promises when moving his family from Vegas to Flagstaff but it looks like they were hard to deliver. Kody spun the move with visions of a smooth transition. But the Sister Wives previews suggest it turned out more like a crash landing for the family.

Sister Wives: Time Stood Still For Kody Brown Tribe

The new Sister Wives season opens with Kody Brown Meri Brown and Robyn Brown still unpacking their belongings at their new homes. The camera pans to furniture being taken off the moving fans for Janelle Brown and Christine Brown as well.

Months have gone by since the close of the last season of Sister Wives. But season 14 looks like it picks up on that same day they arrived in Flagstaff with their 12-vehicle caravan.

Kody Brown told the family he is the chosen leader of the family last season. Kody also added that he sometimes has to lead the family where they might not want to go.

It looks like the Sister Wives move to Flagstaff, Arizona, fell under that category. Kody Brown insisted on the move despite the friction from his four wives and several offspring.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Janelle Brown - Kody Brown

Kody Toys With One Big House For Entire Family

Before the move was set in stone, Kody Brown took his wives looking at homes. They were led to believe they would build four individual homes on the Coyote Pass property.

Each wife had an idea of what they’d like for their one-woman home. This started the Sister Wives women warming up to the Flagstaff move.

In the meantime, Kody Brown secretly had blueprints drawn up of one huge home. Inside the home offered one shared great room and kitchen. Then he had four different apartments sectioned off surrounding the shared space.

Kody Brown assigned each wife to one of those apartments. He claimed they were sized according to each wife’s need for space.

While Kody suggested this is a dream of his, it turns out this is more of a necessity. The rumor that Kody Brown is in dire straits financially is validated on this new season trailer. This huge home might be the only way out of it.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: No Choice in the Matter

It also looks like the chatter about the big house is true. Some fans believed the Sister Wives would have no choice in the matter. Due to what Papa Brown says in this new video. It looks like those fans were right, the wives might not have a choice.

Kody Brown started a rumor himself when he first presented the move. He said Flagstaff would be a cheaper way of living for the family. The Sister Wives patriarch also claimed they’d be sitting pretty in Arizona from what they make off the sale of their Vegas homes. But now they’re broke and cannot afford the separate homes on Coyote Pass.

Another misrepresentation coming from Papa Brown plays out with the neighbors. Kody sold Flagstaff to Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn as a place where their lifestyle wouldn’t matter.

The new season premiere has Robyn and Meri spitting tacks over nosy neighbors. Meri pipes up and tells her Sister Wives that the neighbors don’t want a polygamous family in their neighborhood. Apparently a neighbor informed her of this. So much for that heavenly setting for plural marriage to live peacefully.

Houses Won’t Sell

Christine Brown, the third wife from the Sister Wives contacted her real estate agent friend last season for some advice. While this friend indicated to Christine and Kody Brown that the Vegas houses won’t last long on the market, she was wrong.

The chatter indicating they ran into trouble selling their Vegas homes rings true. In the new season premiere, Kody Brown offers some serious words regarding the future. In the video, he claims they’ll be in ruin if they don’t sell the Vegas homes still sitting unsold.

Another bit of chatter put to rest has to do with Janelle. During the last season, she didn’t appear to have a job. She also didn’t seem too proactive in selling the houses in Vegas despite being a real estate agent. But she was hard at work behind the scenes. This led many fans to believe the hoopla about the Sister Wives‘ finances were exaggerated.

But Janelle is seen in the preview video holding an open house at one of the cul-da-sac homes in Vegas. She gave up every weekend to drive back to Vegas from Flagstaff. Fans weren’t privy to Janelle sacrificing her weekends for sake of the family finances. She appeared desperate to make a sale.

So it seems the upcoming Sister Wives Season 14 video validates some rumors and highlights promises that never materialized. From a harsh unwelcome from the neighbors to the family sitting on the cusp of financial ruin, Kody Brown has some explaining to do.

Season 14 of TLC Sister Wives starts Sundays, January 5th, 2020.

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