‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Blows Up at Sobbing Robyn Brown [Video]

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown screams at Robyn Brown in an upcoming episode of the show. That leaves her in tears in front of others in the family. This is not the only scene where Kody shows a rather angry side when dealing with his co-wives in the new season.

Sister Wives: Cup Boils Over For Kody Brown

The Sister Wives previews have a tendency to show just enough of a scene to start fans spinning assumptions. But there’s no debating Kody Brown is livid in this one awkward scene when Kody verbally goes after Robyn Brown.

To add insult to injury this is done in front of the other wives as well. Janelle Brown looks stunned as Kody unloads rapid-fire with angry words aimed at fourth wife Robyn. But what put Kody Brown in such an irate mood?

Robyn Brown is in tears in this scene from the Sister Wives upcoming season, but a few hints emerge to suggest she’s not the real target of his anger on Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Meri Brown

Robyn Brown Goes to Bat for Meri Brown?

Since Robyn Brown signed up for Kody Brown’s Sister Wives world, she’s been seen as his favorite wife. Many viewers of this TLC show believe Kody favors wife four over the others. So, to see him blow up at Robyn Brown the way he does in the new trailer for Sister Wives goes against that popular mindset.

Kody does offer a clue as to why he’s so furious at Robyn. He’s fuming when he tells her to “stop defending Meri”. He also yells at Robyn to stop it and acknowledge that she’s getting the “sh*t end of the stick”.

So, is Kody yelling at Robyn because he sees her as selfish or… for defending her Sister Wives co-spouses? The clan stands on Coyote Pass as this argument ensues.

It’s easy to see it’s still land that’s devoid of any buildings. So, this also seems to confirm reports that their dream property still sits untouched after all this time.

Sister Wives: Coyote Pass Blow Up

Kody Brown does a dance and stomps his feet as he gets very animated during this blow-up at Robyn Brown. The camera also shows Robyn getting snippy at Meri Brown during that visit to the property as well.

But, it may not be Robyn Brown who’s the object of Kody Brown’s anger. Instead, it looks as if Kody’s irate at Meri Brown. However, it seems Robyn catches the brunt of it judging by the Sister Wives patriarch’s rant. Because, it seems she sides with Meri Brown and he doesn’t like it.

And it’s clear that Kody sees Robyn Brown as slighted by the other wives. He claims Robyn gets the table scraps of the other women. This is hard to fathom considering Kody Brown and Robyn Brown just purchased a Flagstaff home for almost a million dollars.

TLC is a master at offering just enough of a scene so fans don’t know what direction Kody Brown is headed. So, is Kody furious at Robyn or feeling sorry for the wife who gets the “table scraps” of the other wives?

Season 14 premiere rolls out Sunday, January 5, on TLC.

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