‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Shades Robyn’s Past – Saw Red Flag Before Marriage? [Video]

Sister Wives star Kody Brown created some chaos among his first three wives when he opted for Robyn Brown to enter the family. Veteran fans of the TLC show probably remember the jealousy that emerged while Kody went through the motions to bring Robyn on board. But apparently more than jealousy went on behind the Sister Wives scenes.

Many of the Sister Wives viewers think that Robyn is Kody Brown’s favorite and she might be. But she once came under heavy scrutiny from Papa Brown before she entered the family. In the video below Kody explains just how he felt about his fourth wife’s past life before she became his wife.

Sister Wives: ‘Inquisition’ on Robyn Brown

With Sister Wives about to roll out Season 14, viewers might find it interesting to see how Kody Brown explained his take on Robyn Brown at the time. During one of the many sit-down confessionals on Sister Wives, Kody Brown let it rip.

The patriarch of the Sister Wives family embarked on an “inquisition” of Robyn Brown before they married. That’s the way he described the procedure he used to vet Robyn Brown before he took her as his fourth wife. Kody said this with Robyn sitting right next to him in one of those confessional scenes.

At first, it sounded as if Kody shamed Robyn because she’s divorced. The fact that she was married before raised a red flag for the Sister Wives husband.  Kody Brown said that since Robyn divorced another man he wondered if she’d be able to stay with him. It might be an understatement to say that Robyn Brown looked uncomfortable.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Kody Brown - Robyn Brown - Meri Brown

Kody Brown Needed to Overcome His Prejudices About Robyn

In order for Kody to marry Robyn, he claims he needed to “overcome all his prejudices”. Apparently this had something to do with Robyn being a divorced woman. He does back-peddle his words a bit with some impromptu damage control on the Sister Wives clip below.

Kody says that he found out how kind and caring his new wife is. Then he said that in his heart he knows Robyn Brown did everything in her power to attempt to make that first marriage work. Kody Brown also said that he needed to know that as long as he remained nice to her that she’d stay.

Robyn Brown then chimed in to share how she needed to win over more than just Kody Brown. His three wives made up a Sister Wives package deal in this plural marriage. It seems it was easy for Meri Brown to warm up to Robyn, but Christine Brown and Janelle Brown needed some time.

When the Sister Wives video below was taken, Robyn Brown felt she was on the right path with Janelle and Christine. But it sounded like Robyn Brown thought they still needed to work at it.

Sister Wives: Fans See Teenage-Like Behavior

Viewers of the Sister Wives series didn’t see Kody Brown holding court with himself over Robyn Brown. What they did see was a grown man with three-wives chasing his fourth wife around like a love-sick teenager. Fans back then didn’t see Kody Brown put his new wife through this reported litmus test. No, all they witnessed was his testosterone level seemingly rise.

Fans didn’t see Kody vetting Robyn. It also doesn’t appear the other three women on the Sister Wives show saw much of that either. Christine even left the family for a while after falling into a rather dark place due to jealousy. While Kody courted Robyn, Christine was pregnant, so she was dealing with a lot back then.

Sister Wives followers might find it odd to hear Kody talk about Robyn Brown the way he does on the video above. While he says he had major concerns, that didn’t show up in the episodes.

At first, it sounds like Kody Brown almost shames his youngest wife over her divorce. You can see she’s not feeling comfortable as Kody talks about the inquisition period he embarked on with Robyn Brown. Times change and it looks like fans will see just how much when the new season rolls out next month.

TLC airs the first episode of Sister Wives Season 14, on Sunday night, January 5th.

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