‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Wears ‘Dirty Joke’ Shirt about Hubby? [Pic]

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown started a whirlwind of chatter after she showed off one of her many T-shirts that display a message. Most of the sayings on her shirts are rather whimsical in a generic kind of way. But the Sister Wives mom donned one this time around that seemed to supply her fans with a connotation she probably never intended.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Gets a Gift From Her Biological Sister

It seems Christine Brown believes three things here on earth are the result of Satan creating them. So, her biological sister knows about this, so she got her this shirt. Those three things that this Sister Wives lady considers spawns of the devil are bananas, hornets, and the anaconda.

Apparently, Christine’s sister saw the shirt and thought it was perfect for this Sister Wives star. So, this TLC celeb jokingly said she was going to burn it because it mentions an anaconda. Instead, she put it on.

The shirt, the one this mom of six sports in the left photo below says, “Keep Calm and Love Anacondas.” So she let her Sister Wives followers take a look at her modeling this gift. But it started something that Christine probably wasn’t expecting.

       Sister Wives: Christine Brown I

That’s One Big Snake

While it’s not the longest snake in the world, the Green Anaconda is the heaviest snake on earth. The biggest on record weighed over 500 pounds. It is a snake with a huge girth. Since it is so large that might be the foundation of the Freudian-type mentions from her fans.

Some fans chimed in to say that they don’t understand what Christine sees in her shared Sister Wives husband. They also don’t get what her three co-wives see in the guy either. It’s perplexing to many folks that the Sister Wives patriarch managed to marry four intelligent women.

Christine Brown’s shirt probably was not a cryptic message about her husband. But some fans thought it might be. One fan even asked if she meant this shirt as a dirty joke.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: She Does It Again…

Christine and Meri Brown both sell clothing online. It seems their fan base from Sister Wives gives them plenty of customers. The third wife in the family wasn’t looking to sell replicas of her anaconda shirt. But she often wears a piece of the attire she does sell in hopes of enticing some purchases.

In the shot on the right above, Christine talks up her sweater to her Sister Wives enthusiasts. But it seems they don’t find it appealing. While this mom of six goes on and on about how she loves a good sweater, some say the look is dated. Still, others don’t see it doing much for her new thin figure.

It seems that just showing her followers a gift from her sister, somehow this becomes misconstrued. So is she hinting that there’s more to Kody than meets the eye?

When fans ask what it is about Kody that four women find so irresistible, is this her go-to shirt to send them a message? Probably not. Most likely what you see is just Christine having fun and people reading something else into it.