‘Sister Wives’: Christine’s Daughter Makes Mockery Out of Parents then Moves Out?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown reveals her teen daughter, Gwendlyn Brown. is moving out as her recent posts have fans shocked over what’s going on. Gwendlyn stepped up to the loudspeaker in recent weeks and she hasn’t stepped down.

The teen daughter of Kody Brown and Christine Brown has some definite views of her own. But it’s almost like she’s mowing over her mom, Christine Brown, as well as her other Sister Wives parents. Fans of the show are shocked over Christine’s daughter’s sudden online campaign and some of the language that she uses.

Sister Wives: Is Christine Brown Closing Her Eyes To This?

At the same time that Gwendlyn Brown posts some mortifying stuff online, her religious-minded mom appears to ignore this. Instead, Christine Brown gushes over Gwen getting her own apartment.

Apparently, Gwendlyn Brown is leaving home but for what reason? Sure, the Sister Wives teen turned 19 this month so she’s of legal age. But what made Gwendlyn start some kind of odd and rather bashing campaign online is unknown. But the fans sure have their theories.

Those Sister Wives fans’ theories start with Gwendlyn’s parents. Some believe that both her mom, Christine, and her dad, Kody Brown, prompted this move after Gwen’s latest jabs at the family’s religion online. The theories run the gamut right down to suggesting that TLC got her an apartment for filming purposes.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Gwendlyn Brown Messages

Gwendlyn Brown’s Latest Spiel

Gwen Brown is one of the Sister Wives’ adult kids who are very active online. When answering fans’ questions recently Gwen seemed to question the things she grew up with regarding religion.

The message appears above where the Sister Wives daughter claims she hates to explain their religion because she doesn’t even know about it herself. Not long after that post, she shared another message with her fans. “I did it”, Gwendlyn Brown writes. She joined “The Satanic Temple.” That message also appears above.

This Sister Wives teen also uses some vulgar language online when dealing with people she tags as trolls. It’s as if she doesn’t care at all about what her parents think.

One of the more notable posts from this Sister Wives offspring lately is the one below. Fans online offer their shocking reactions to Gwendlyn’s post, which they believe has to make both Christine and her shared husband furious.

With the family putting so much emphasis on children and the souls of children finding their way into their family, this has to mortify all five of her Sister Wives parents.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Post

Sister Wives: Christine Paints Adorable Picture of Gwendlyn Brown

In the middle of all this, Christine Brown invites everyone to Gwendlyn Brown’s online party as if nothing happened. Her daughter is selling cooking stuff apparently to help pay for her new apartment.

It is almost as if Christine talks about another daughter altogether in her latest post. It sounds as if she’s more interested in setting up Gwen’s new apartment than anything else. Neither Christine nor Kody offers a comment about this tangent-like mission Gwendlyn has been on recently.

Many fans of Sister Wives think Gwendlyn Brown is move out of the house is initiated by her dad, Kody Brown. Long-time viewers cannot see Kody allowing his daughter to stay in the home he provides as she bashes the family values in public.

Years back when Mykelti Brown decided to leave college, Christine and Kody told her she couldn’t come back home if she dropped out. Their fear was that Mykelti would get lazy and just lay around playing video games or watching TV.

So, Christine and Papa Brown turned one Sister Wives kid out before. Mykelti was about the same age as Gwen at the time, one fan reminisces.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Gwendlyn Brown

Daughter Goes Against the Grain… But Why?

Sister Wives veteran fans were quick to offer a theory as to why Gwendlyn Brown is going against the grain of the family. The majority of the comments point to “attention” – she’s looking for attention, suggests viewers.

But whose attention is she craving? Her mom seemed to be the Kool-Aid mom while her household of the Sister Wives brood grew up. Is this a way to punish her father, Kody Brown? A man with 18 kids probably didn’t get to spend the one on one time with his kids that say a father of two, three, or even four could.

Her posts go so against what the Sister Wives patriarch structured for protocols and rules for his kids. The kids can’t partake in heavy petting until they are married. Now at 19, Gwendlyn joins a satanic religion. Then she flippantly shares that statement “in case ya girl needs an abortion”.

From what is known about Kody and Christine, this is not at all accepted by them or their religion. Sister Wives followers today imagine that Kody Brown is furious over his daughter’s seemingly digging at the values they hold so dearly. It’s certainly sparked an interest with fans, as some beg TLC to pick up this storyline.

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