Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Splits From Dimitri And Ashley – Jets to Australia to Heal

Seeking Sister Wife star Vanessa Cobbs called it quits with Dimitri Snowden and Ashley Snowden. The TLC reality stars confirmed the shocking news shortly after the controversial Tell All episode and sent the internet world aflame. It seemed like just yesterday the three were saying “I do” at a whimsical wedding after a lengthy courtship and then “D Day”. Now, fans are speculating just what happening to the threple that fell apart after the season ender of the TLC polygamy dating show.

Seeking Sister Wife: Split! Vanessa Cobbs Parted Ways With Dimitri And Ashley Snowden

Looks like Dimitri and Ashley Snowden are back to square one in expanding their polygamous family. The couple confirms that their three-way marriage with Vanessa Cobbs is officially over.

In a lengthy post shared by Dimitri Snowden, he revealed that it was Vanessa Cobbs who pulled the plug in their marriage. The reality star admitted that his new wife’s decision to leave saddened him and Ashley Snowden on Seeking Sister Wife.

However, he reiterated that they respect her feelings and that she felt she needed to move on. They added that they must do this in the “spirit of acceptance.”

The Seeking Sister Wife split comes as a surprise to many, especially since they all looked so happy and in love during the last episode. They even defied all odds as they defended their lifestyle from their relatives.

Ashley Snowden and Husband Dimitri Snowden Do Not Blame Polygamy For Split

Interestingly, Dimitri Snowden and first (and now only) wife Ashley Snowden are not blaming polygamy for the shocking breakup. The Seeking Sister Wife spouses pointed out that just like in any other form of relationships, polygamy requires understanding and acceptance from all parties involved.

Dimitri wrote that he and his wife know the blame doesn’t lie with polygamy. He compared it to blaming monogamy when a traditional marriage falls apart. He said in every relationship that compatibility and shared values are key “and joy from everyone involved”.

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs Tells Her Side – Hints “Personal Growth” Struggle

Meanwhile, Vanessa Cobbs explained the reason she ended her polygamous marriage with Dimitri Snowden and first wife Ashley Snowden. The reality star opened up about her struggles to cope with the lifestyle, including her “capacity” to be a sister wife.

As for Vanessa, her explanation for the split was this. She said her feelings for them overshadowed her “love and commitment” to herself. Vanessa shared on Instagram that she was not honest with herself but now that’s changed. She said she ignored her “inner guidance”.

She added that her gut told her that she couldn’t be with them they way they needed her to be. Vanessa announced this after the Seeking Sister Wife Tell All. The update from the trio stunned viewers. Then, Vanessa Cobbs hinted that being in a polygamous relationship hindered her growth as an individual.

But that wasn’t all she said. She said loving someone “or a family” doesn’t mean that you’re destined to be together. She said their “long-established dynamic” wasn’t aligned with her individual growth or the way she needed to go in life.

Dimitri, Ashley, And Vanessa Still Wish Each Other Well

Despite the sudden split, Ashley Snowden, her partner Dimitri Snowden, and wife they lost Vanessa Cobbs are not holding grudges. In fact, the Seeking Sister Wife threesome have nothing but good words to say to each other.

In his post, Dimitri Snowden wished his former wife “peace and happiness” as she went on her individual oath. He even asked their followers to do the same.

Meanwhile, Vanessa Cobbs expressed affection for Ashley, Dimitri Snowden, and their children, adding that she wants nothing but “love and happiness” for the family. By the looks of it, the trio parted ways amicably and might remain friends. It wasn’t too long ago, they were doing a media blitz, so the split seems sudden.

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Snowden and Lone Wife Ashley Snowden Back to Hunting for a Third

Although their relationship with their first sister wife ended, Ashley Snowden and hubby Dimitri Snowden are still not giving up on polygamy. The duo revealed their plans to continue with the journey and search for a new third for their marriage after losing Vanessa Cobbs.

It seems like Dimitri and Ashley are confident that they will soon find the right woman for them. However, they clarified that they are not rushing into it.

Dimitri also wrote they will continue their journey “out loud” and keep on searching for another sister wife (and maybe more than one) but will do it when the timing is good. He added that the woman they need is out there “looking for us” so it sounds like they are still Seeking Sister Wife hopeful.

Although polygamy didn’t seem to work out for Vanessa Cobbs, she still thinks positively about it. However, it remains unclear if she’s still open to enter such relationship again. She shared some parting words on polygamy.

Vanessa maintains that a polygamous lifestyle is “a beautiful thing”. She encouraged others to love who they want, proud and loud. Ashley Snowden and spouse Dimitri Snowden announced they are taking time to “heal from this divorce” while Vanessa Cobbs jetted off to Australia with her sister for a time out.

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