Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Fires Back At Mama Donna – Says Dimitri And Ashley Wanted on TV Too

Seeking Sister Wife star Vanessa Cobbs cried foul over Mama Donna’s not so subtle shade against her. The now estranged sister wife of Dimitri Snowden and Ashley Snowden is fighting back. She doesn’t like accusations that she used the couple to be on TV. This came out on the Tell All with Ashley’s mother on TLC.

Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Snowden’s Mama Donna Reacts To Vanessa Cobbs Split

By now, everyone heard that Vanessa Cobbs parted ways from Dimitri and Ashley Snowden. The second wife made the bold move after spending a year with the polygamous pair.

As expected, the split came as a surprise to many. Especially since they showed no sign of trouble in paradise. Particularly, Ashley’s mother is not holding back in expressing her dismay over the sudden breakup.

So, Mama Donna has been very vocal about her reservations on plural marriage. Now, she seems to support her suspicions about Vanessa and the Seeking Sister Wife relationship.

Donna Doubts Vanessa’s True Intentions – Questions Seeking Sister Wife Motive

Shortly after Dimitri Snowden and wife Ashley Snowden confirmed their split from Vanessa Cobbs, Mama Donna took to Instagram and shared her thoughts on the situation. The outspoken mother bluntly declared that she was right about her daughter’s former sister wife.

A fan commented that Donna “may have been right” about Vanessa’s true intentions on entering a plural marriage. During the Tell All episode, Donna alleged that Vanessa agreed to be a sister wife to Dimitri and Ashley just to be on a TV show.

The idea seems plausible considering Vanessa Cobbs’ previous acting career. However, the Seeking Sister Wife’s star was quick to counter Donna’s claims and denied she’s only in it for exposure.

Seeking Sister Wife Update: Vanessa Slams Donna’s Accusations She’s Only After Fame

In a now-deleted response, Vanessa Cobbs shoots down Donna’s allegations that she only married Dimitri Snowden for fame. The ex-spiritual wife seems offended by Ashley Snowden’s mom.

“Really Donna?” Vanessa replied. “Ashley and Dimitri must not have filled you in on everything that happened and why I decided to leave.”

Vanessa’s sisters worried that their sibling would wind up just being the nanny to the pair’s growing brood and even called it a “pyramid scheme” at the Tell All.

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Vanessa Cobbs Reveals Dimitri And Ashley ‘Always Wanted To Be On TV’ Too

The Seeking Sister Wife celeb continued her defense with an intriguing revelation. Vanessa Cobbs claimed it wasn’t just her who wanted to be on a reality show but Ashley Snowden and her partner Dimitri Snowden as well. The reality star alleged that the couple “have always wanted to be on TV” even before meeting her.

“Are you forgetting that it was Ashley’s two best friends who were talking to my best friend about how Ashley and Dimitri have always wanted to be on TV?” Vanessa fired back. “That was the context of how the conversation was even started in the first place, but that part is conveniently left out.”

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Vanessa Claims Ashley And Dimitri Have Done Acting In The Past

In addition, Vanessa Cobbs syas both Dimitri Snowden and his wife Ashley Snowden have experience in acting. The spiritual wife of the pair admits all three of them were eager to be on the TV show.

However, Vanessa clarifies that it wasn’t the main reason why she joined the TLC series. Vanessa points out that although they broadcast their romance on national TV, it doesn’t mean that it was fake and scripted. In the end, all three said despite their split, their love for each other was always real.

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