Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Snowden’s Wife Ashley Claims She Won’t Sleep With Vanessa

Seeking Sister Wife star Ashley Snowden, wife of Dimitri Snowden, says she will not be sleeping with Vanessa Cobbs, even if her husband, Dimitri Snowden does.

It seems like the trio is keen on taking their unconventional lifestyle to the next level. In fact, they are now making necessary preparations for the big day, starting with Vanessa’s detoxification. Ashley Snowden says that a detox is necessary to prevent a yeast infection from spreading to all three of them.

Seeking Sister Wife Update: Ashley Snowden Says She Will Not Get Intimate With Vanessa Cobbs

Looks like Ashley Snowden’s polygamous marriage with Dimitri Snowden is progressing well. The Seeking Sister Wife celebs recently welcomed Vanessa Cobbs at their home, marking a new milestone in their growing family.

Now that Vanessa is living under the same roof with Ashley and Dimitri, intimacy is expected to happen soon. In fact, Vanessa previously admitted that she’s been ready to the deed with Dimitri ever since she first met him.

And while she seems totally cool with Dimitri consummating with Vanessa in the future, she reveals that she has no plans to get intimate with their potential sister wife.

The Snowdens And Vanessa’s Relationship Not A Threesome Situation?

Despite the nature of their relationship, Ashley Snowden reiterates that it’s not a threesome situation. The Seeking Sister Wife alum clarifies that while sex is part of the relationship, it only applies to Dimitri Snowden and Vanessa Cobbs.

“It’s like, we get into this type of relationship and sex is one part of it,” Ashley said in an interview. “And it includes Dimitri and the woman.”

She also points out that sex is not the only benefit a person gets in a relationship. Apparently, she believes that it goes deeper than that.

Ashley On Sharing Dimitri Snowden With Vanessa: ‘We Work Well Together’

With Vanessa Cobbs in the picture, many are wondering how Ashley Snowden’s sexual relationship with Dimitri Snowden will be affected. The Seeking Sister Wife celeb explains that their setup is designed to work well with each other.

In a previous interview with KTLA 5, Ashley talks about how she and Vanessa are managing their alone time with Dimitri. She adds that sharing her husband is not a problem with them, especially since they work really well together.

Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Says Relationship With Vanessa Is More On ‘Building’

Although Ashley Snowden has no plans to get intimate with Vanessa Cobbs, she’s still going to have a special connection with her. She reveals her future plans with her new sister wife.

“I’m going to be spending the most time with her and we’re going to be building,” Ashley said. “We get to create what we want.”

It seems like the trio is optimistic about their future. Only time will tell how well Dimitri, Ashley, and the new woman handle their polygamous relationship.

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