Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Fears Yeast Infection – Vanessa Must Detox Before Bedding Dimitri

Seeking Sister Wife cast member Ashley Snowden made a bizarre demand to Vanessa Cobbs before she’ll let her get intimate with Dimitri Snowden. The TLC reality star reveals their chosen sister wife must undergo a very specific routine before she can take the relationship to the next level.

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs Ready To Bed Dimitri Snowden

On Sunday’s episode, a nervous Vanessa Cobbs settles in to her new life with Ashley Snowden and Dimitri Snowden. The TLC new plural “wife” seems to cope well with her intro to the polygamous lifestyle and is now ready to take things to the next level.

Previously, Vanessa openly admits that she hopes to get intimate with Dimitri soon. She claims that at this point, it’s “the only aspect that’s missing” in her unconventional relationship with Ashley’s husband. And Dimitri Snowden seems eager too on Seeking Sister Wife.

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Vanessa Wanted to Sleep With Dimitri At First Glance

Vanessa reiterates that she’s looking forward to being intimate with Dimitri, adding that she’s been ready ever since she first met him. “They are ready for Dimitri to become intimate with me, and I’m excited and ready for that too,” Vanessa said. “I was ready pretty much when I first met him”.

The Seeking Sister Wife new woman also admits that “it has been a while” since she slept with someone. “I’m a human who has needs,” she pointed out. So, it looks like both she and her new plural hubby are ready to hit the sheets, but his first wife is making demands before she lets it happen.

Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Snowden Demands Vanessa Detox Before Doing The Deed

But it looks like Vanessa Cobbs will have to wait a few more days before she can get busy with Dimitri Snowden. While it’s true that Ashley Snowden is pretty ready for it to happen, there’s just one more condition she wants from the Seeking Sister Wife star. Apparently, Ashley Snowden demands that Vanessa detox her body before consummating with Dimitri Snowden.

The process includes a strict diet plan known as the “Alkaline Diet”. Fans of Seeking Sister Wife are familiar with Ashley and Dimitri’s strict diet. The couple refrains from consuming meat, dairy, or gluten. They claim that the Alkaline diet balanced their bodies, including their pH level. Now they want the new wife in their multiple marriage to change her eating habits ASAP.

Ashley Wants Vanessa Cobbs Yeast-Free Before Sharing Her Man

So why did Ashley Snowden push Vanessa Cobbs to detox first before sleeping with Dimitri Snowden? Her logic is actually pretty straightforward. Apparently, the Seeking Sister Wife star believes that the Alkaline Diet will help align Vanessa’s pH level with theirs.

Ashley bluntly points out that an unbalanced pH can cause yeast infections. Now that they’re about to share Dimitri, safety must come first. Shey says if  pHs levels aren’t balanced and also aligned then they  could be giving yeast infections to each other by sleeping with Dimitri. “Ain’t nobody got time for that,” Ashley Snowden explains.

Seeking Sister Wife: Eager Vanessa Agrees To Ashley Snowden’s Ultimatum

Interestingly, Vanessa Cobbs agrees with Ashley Snowden’s detox diet demand. In the same Seeking Sister Wife episode, she reveals she will abide by the rules but clarifies that she’s couldn’t be excited about the food restrictions. “I’ve done a lot of crazy diets in my life,” Vanessa said. “I’ve never done one just to get some D”.

Apparently, Vanessa only gets to eat a limited list of foods in the 21-day detox. Ashley claims it takes that long for the body to “reset”. If Vanessa successfully completes the plan, she’ll get to bed down with Dimitri in less than a month. What do you think of Ashley Snowden’s demand? Can Vanessa Cobbs follow the diet to get the D — and can Dimitri Snowden hold out that long?

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