Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Wants Intimacy With Dimitri Snowden – Will Ashley Allow It?

Seeking Sister Wife spouses Dimitri Snowden and Ashley Snowden are settling in with the newest addition to their growing family – Vanessa Cobbs. The trio seems ready to take on the new chapter of their lives as they start the journey of polygamous marriage.

With Vanessa moving into the house, Dimitri and Ashley are sure to make major adjustments, including establishing guidelines for intimacy between husband and wife number two. Will Ashley Snowden be able to handle it this time?

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs Moves in With Ashley and Dimitri Snowden

On Sunday’s episode of SSW, Vanessa Cobbs moves in with Ashley and Dimitri Snowden. The polygamous family is taking a big step as they officially live together under the same roof.

In the short preview, Dimitri and Ashley eagerly help Vanessa as she unpacks her belongings. The Snowdens appear ecstatic as they welcome their sister wife to her new home.

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Ashley Snowden Says Vanessa Will Test Her Marriage

Although Ashley Snowden seems happy and comfortable with Vanessa Cobbs moving in, she admits that it definitely comes with challenges. The Seeking Sister Wife first wife points out that the move will likely affect her relationship with Dimitri Snowden.

“Moving in with Vanessa is the ultimate test of our relationship,” Ashley said, referring to her marriage with Dimitri Snowden.

Now that the three will live together as a polygamous family, it is expected that they will come across some challenges along the way. Inevitably, they will have to deal with issues that if not handled well might affect their relationship negatively.

Seeking Sister Wife: Is Vanessa Cobbs Ready for Intimacy With Dimitri Snowden?

One of the potential challenges the SSW stars will likely face is intimacy. In the same episode, Vanessa Cobbs openly admits her desire to be close to Dimitri Snowden.

“The only aspect that’s missing is the intimacy part with Dimitri and I,” Vanessa Cobbs pointed out.

By the looks of it, she is ready to take her relationship with Dimitri to the next level. The only question that remains is if Ashley will allow it to happen on Seeking Sister Wife.

Will Ashley Snowden Allow It?

Meanwhile, it seems like Ashley Snowden is well aware of Vanessa Cobbs wants to get intimate with Dimitri Snowden. Interestingly, the Seeking Sister Wife cast member appears okay with it.

In the preview, Ashley Snowden seemingly teases Vanessa about bedding down with her husband. “Only one thing left to do,” the TLC cast member told her — suggesting that being intimate with Dimitri is something she already expected.

Dimitri Crossed the Lines Last Season on Seeking Sister Wife

On the last season of the hit TLC reality show, Ashley set a rule for Dimitri when it came to adding another wife to their household. Apparently, she doesn’t want her husband to be physically intimate with the wife unless she gives her approval.

Unfortunately, Dimitri Snowden broke the rule and slept with Joselyn, the girl he was courting at the time. But, Ashley Snowden reiterated that her husband wasn’t cheating. In addition, she said that “it just happened out of order”. So now that things seem to be in order, it looks like the Snowdens are ready to seal the deal…

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