Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Introduces Vanessa To Ashley’s Mom – Gets Cold Shoulder

Seeking Sister Wife stars Dimitri Snowden and his wife Ashley are ecstatic about their growing polygamous family. The controversial couple recently welcomed the newest addition to their household, Vanessa Cobbs.

But not everyone seems pleased with their chosen path. While the trio is happy to live a polygamous lifestyle, some family members do not approve of it at all. Will Dimitri, Ashley, and Vanessa convince their loved ones about their eyebrow-raising lifestyle?

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri & Ashley Snowden Found Their Sister Wife

The long search is finally over for Dimitri and Ashley Snowden. The Seeking Sister Wife celebs found their new sister wife, Vanessa Cobbs, and things seem to be looking up at last.

On the last season of the hit TLC reality show, the Snowdens struggled to meet someone they could bring into their polygamous family. In fact, the process was difficult and Dimitri Snowden resorted to sleeping with another woman.

Surprisingly, the move doesn’t break the couple apart. Instead, the two seem to be stronger than ever.

In a previous interview, Ashley reiterated that she did not consider Dimitri’s act as cheating. She pointed out that she was completely aware of her husband’s deed and that “it just happened out of order.”

With Vanessa Cobbs now in the picture, Ashley and and her husband Dimitri Snowden seem more confident about their polygamous family. However, that confidence will be tested as Ashley’s mother bluntly expressed her disapproval of their lifestyle.

Dimitri Introduces Vanessa To Ashley’s Mom Donna

In Seeking Sister Wife Episode 4, Dimitri Snowden surprised Ashley Snowden with a gift to travel to LA and have dinner with her mom Donna. Little did she know that her husband has been planning to crash the outing with Vanessa Cobbs.

While Ashley is happy to see Vanessa, her mom is clearly not amused. It seems like Donna wasn’t expecting Dimitri, let alone meeting her potential daughter-in-law.

Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley’s Mom Disapproves Of Daughter’s Polygamous Lifestyle

Ashley Snowden’s mother was obviously not feeling Vanessa Cobbs being in her daughter’s life and Dimitri Snowden seems to expect this from the beginning. The Seeking Sister Wife star claims he was hesitant to introduce Vanessa to Donna but felt like it was the right thing to do.


Ashley’s Mom Thinks There Can’t Be Two Queens In One Castle

Understandably, Ashley Snowden’s mom was at a loss for words upon meeting her daughter’s sister wife. Donna has been very vocal about her disapproval of Ashley and Dimitri’s polygamous lifestyle, so meeting their sister wife for the first time is definitely nerve-wracking for her.

By the looks of it, the Seeking Sister Wife couple will have a hard time convincing Donna to accept Vanessa Cobbs. Ashley, in particular, will likely deal with more pressure, considering that her mother is totally against their relationship.

“I’ve always been told two queens can’t live in one castle, so I’m not ready for this,” Ashley’s mom adds. “I’m not.”

Will Ashley and Dimitri Snowden get the acceptance they’ve been waiting for from Donna? Can Vanessa Cobbs overcome all the criticism of being in a polygamous relationship?

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