‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Can Ashley Trust Dimitri Snowden with Vanessa?

Seeking Sister Wife started the season with a bang revealing Ashley and Dimitri Snowden seeking a new companion, Vanessa. But will Ashley Snowden be able to trust Dimitri? The last time the couple sought an additional partner, Dimitri had sex with her immediately. Will he be able to refrain from sexual relations this time? This season will reveal his trustworthiness.

Seeking Sister Wife: Husband Dimitri Snowden Makes a Promise

Last season on Seeking Sister Wife, Dimitri betrayed his wife, Ashley Snowden. He had sex with a potential sister wife, Jocelyn. Dimitri’s wife, Ashley, agreed that her husband could go on a platonic date with Jocelyn to get to know each other. Dimitri ignored the promise he made to his wife and slept with Jocelyn. The married couple had a firm agreement that Dimitri would not sleep with a prospect but then broke her trust. She was infuriated.

In order to regain his wife’s faith, Dimitri promises to communicate better next time. On Seeking Sister Wife, he says he will speak with Ashley first before engaging in sexual activity. They have an agreement that they both must consent for him to do so. However, Dimitri Snowden’s trustworthiness will be tested when their new third wheel, Vanessa, comes to town. Will her beauty be too much temptation?

A New Sister Wife? Meet Vanessa

The Snowdens revealed in the last episode they’ve discovered another potential partner. Vanessa is a beautiful, vivacious woman from Seattle, Washington. Coincidentally, Jocelyn is also from Seattle.

The Seeking Sister Wife reality star says he discovered her online after she “liked” a bunch of his photos. She expressed extreme interest in dating the couple. Dimitri Snowden introduced her to Ashley, and the three bonded immediately.

SSW Couple Starts New Life in California

Apparently, the trio are smitten with one another. So much so, the Seeking Sister Wife couple will invite Vanessa to move to California after they begin their new life there as a family. Dimitri Snowden and Ashley will relocate from Atlanta, Georgia to Calabasas, California to start their life anew.

However, despite the connection between the three of them, Ashley Snowden may have trouble once again allowing Dimitri to be intimate with another woman. The agreement between the couple is that Ashley must first agree for Dimitri to step out. But will she? It appears as if her free spirit may not be too “open” for an open relationship.

Ashley Snowden Explains The Reason Behind the Search

Dimitri Snowden and his wife Ashley mutually agreed to seek a third person in order to expand their family. Dimitri always desired a big family. His family isn’t close, therefore he wants a huge, close knit family of his own. The Seeking Sister Wife duo already have three children, but want more.

Ashley Snowden said she is finished childbearing. So, the only way they’ll be able to have additional kids is with another woman. Obtaining another companion will be their solution. Ideally, their Seeking Sister Wife plan will result in adding a mate that’s ready to expand their family with several more children.

In addition, the Snowdens hope this new wife will also assist with raising their current kids. They’ll be one big happy plural family. At least that’s the plan. We’ll see this season if their dream will become a reality!

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