‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Spoilers: Tami Jealous of Colton’s New Wife Sophie [VIDEO]

Seeking Sister Wife returns and Colton Winder, Tami Winder, and Sophie Winder are one of two new families on season 2 of the TLC show. Tami Winder is Colton’s first wife and a new sneak peek video shows she’s spilling tea on their marriage and lives together. Most notably is her jealousy of Sophie. That jealousy will once again becomes an issue. Particularly, as the Winders are looking to add a third wife this season.

What is Seeking Sister Wife? Quick Catch Up for New Viewers

Seeking Sister Wife on TLC shows plural families currently looking to add another spouse to the house. Viewers get a birds eye view into their triumphs and struggles as they adapt and adjust to adding a new lady to the relationship dynamic.

Fans also get to see how they data as a family. This season, the show follows four families as they deal with the drama that comes with seeking a wife and adding her to the family.

Tami Winder Thought She’d Try Polygamy In Heaven

Before Seeking Sister Wife, Tami Winder and Colton Winder were married eight years then added Sophie Winder to the mix as wife two. They were adjusting to the birth of their daughter, Sadie, while Colton was courting soon-to-be wife Sophie. Adjusting to life in a plural marriage was a huge adjustment and learning curve for Tami.

Neither Colton Winder or Tami Winder was raised in a polygamist family. But they were both raised in the LDS church. In fact, according to the promo video, while Tami was interested in plural marriage, she did not see happening for her in this lifetime.

Tami says a plural marriage was something she didn’t expect would happen to her and her husband Colton, until after they “died and went to heaven.”

Oddly enough, she and Colton Winder did not discuss their views on plural marriage before they themselves wed. Finding out they both wanted to live that way was a pleasant surprise for the young couple.

Seeking Sister Wife: Colton Winder Wife 1 Jealous Of Wife 2 Sophie Winder

The Seeking Sister Wife promo video shows Tami Winder admitting she was jealous of Colton’s second wife, Sophie Winder. Jealousy is common in plural marriages. Tami says she questioned “What does she have that I don’t?” But she said it took her a while to get it, but she understands the main thing they have in common is Colton Winder.

Jealousy aside, Tami does not regret her decision to be a polygamist. And now the Winders are shopping for a third wife. That’s not to say she doesn’t have fears and reservations. Since Tami Winder is still adjusting to adding Sophie Winder, expanding to another wife may be challenging.

Tami knows Colton is ready for his third wife not long after he wed Sophie Winder. In fact, Colton tells Tami Winder, “If we’re going to follow the will of the Lord, this family will grow.”

Seeking Sister Wife – Which Families Are Back?

In addition to the Winders as a new family, Seeking Sister Wife brings back two families from season one. This season we will also continue watching The Snowdens as they look to add a second wife to their family. Last season they were unsuccessful in finding the right lady (and he crossed a line by bedding a hopeful).

Hopefully, this season we will see them find the right women to be both a wife to Dimitri Snowden and a bestie to Ashley Snowden. Spoilers indicate that we will be introduced to their new girlfriend but will she have what it takes to become the second Mrs. Snowden?

Also returning this season is the Alldredge clan. Jeff Alldredge and his two wives Vanessa Alldredge and Sharis Alldredge are back and are ready to find number three. The Alldreges moved to North Dakota for a fresh start. Last season, they had a failed relationship with a potential third plus Vanessa’s heartbreaking molar pregnancy.

Spoilers indicate the family is courting a new woman named Jennifer. Certainly this time they hope they’re a success in adding a new wife to further grow their family. Catch TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife on the upcoming season Sunday January 20 at 10 pm.

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