‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Colton Winder Says Fans Find Him “Creepy” and “Gay”

Seeking Sister Wife returned this week for its second season introducing us to Colton Winder and his two wives, Tami Winder and Sophie Winder. The introduction of the new family sparked quite a lot of chatter in social media groups. Some fans – or rather trolls- have posted negative comments. Colton Winder was quick to slap back.

Seeking Sister Wife News: Colton Reacts to Being Called “Creepy” And “Gay”

Within hours of the season 2 debut of Seeking Sister Wife, Colton Winder, patriarch of The Winder clan, took to social media to respond to so-called fans calling him “creepy” and “gay”. According to Colton, he’s perceived by internet trolls as both “creepy” and also “gay” because sex is not the only thing he enjoys in his marriages. Colton explains that if he was really enthusiastic and chipper about sex, he would also be raked over the coals. Indeed, a catch-22 situation.

Another reason Colton shared for the harsh trolling opinion that he came across as creepy was his voice. He admits that he talks slow and has a strange voice to begin with. He says his personality is also fairly dry and somewhat flat. Clearly, he is not an over the top man with a flamboyant personality. He and his family just sincerely believe their religion. A religion that is foreign to most viewers.

Colton Winder Thanks Supportive Fans

Not all fans of Seeking Sister Wife were so harshly outspoken about Colton Winder and his family. Many fans were just as quick to offer up support. Colton acknowledged those fans as well. The new reality star explained that filming for television is rough especially when the majority of the adults are introverted. Colton also noted that much of the show was taped on the weekend after he worked a full week. He was often tired when the cameras were there. That translated to coming off as creepy to some.

Supporters outnumbered detractors in Facebook groups. Most fans thanked the Winders for their bravery in sharing their story with us. Lots of fans are anxious to see how the season unfolds. Colton did acknowledge the fans that suggested developing a thicker skin and realize that the haters are just vicious keyboard warriors. Colton chooses to stay positive and focus on the many blessings in his life. He has two beautiful devoted wives and a precious little girl to raise.

Seeking Sister Wife – Co-Star Bernie McGee Offers Support

Fans are not the only ones tossing their support to Colten Winder. Fellow rookie castmate, Bernie McGee, also offered his support and advice. Bernie McGee and his wife Paige McGee joined the cast of Seeking Sister Wife  this season. He offered solid advise from to Colton – almost fatherly in nature. Bernie shared that “the harshest voices seem the loudest but those are the ones who need to tune out the most.” He further went on to say, “Otherwise, you just end up proving them right. Y’all are a beautiful young family. Chin up, and let’s have some fun with this.”

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