‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Sophie and Colton Winder Expecting First Baby After Struggling

Seeking Sister Wife couple Sophie Winder and Colton Winder just announced they’re expecting their first child together. This is exciting news for The  Winder Family. Colton’s second wife has been trying for quite some time to become pregnant. However, she struggled with fertility issues. Although she’s content being a mommy to her sister wife’s daughter Sadie Wider, she and Colton longed to conceive a child of their own together.

Little Sadie Winder certainly is ready to be a big sister. Looks like the Seeking Sister Wife Winder Family is expanding from a family of 4 to a family of 5. Here’s what we know about their new addition and when he or she will make their entrance.

Seeking Sister Wife: Sophie Winder Struggled To Conceive

We first got to meet Colton Winder and Sophie Winder earlier this year when their TLC show Seeking Sister Wife aired. Sophie is Colton’s second wife and sister wife to Tami Winder. Colton and Tami are the doting parents to their daughter Sadie who just turned three. Although Sophie adored her role as Sadie’s second mom, she longed to have a child of her own.

As the season of Seeking Sister Wife filmed fans kept asking when Colton and his wife Sophie Winder would have a baby. Little did we know she was struggling with fertility issues. However her sister wife fielded that question on Sophie’s behalf very eloquently with this reply, “Babies come when they come, and we don’t really get to decide when that is.”.

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✨In our most recent blog post, Sophie continues to share her fertility journey 💝✨ The link to the blog is on our profile.

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Sophie Winder & Colton Winder Announce Her Pregnancy

So now the Seeking Sister Wife alum is announcing she’s a mom to be. She and Colton will welcome their first child sometime this spring. No doubt Sophie Winder waited to share this news with fans and followers until she was very confident she was out of the woods. After all she had a miscarriage and long ordeal attempting to conceive. So with that all behind her she’s ready to scream her good news from the rooftops.

According to Seeking Sister Wife’s Sophie Winder, “All I’ve ever wanted to do was be a mom!”. Now her dream of motherhood is just a few months away. Since Sophie is a trained midwife she’s well equipped to navigate through her pregnancy with ease and grace. The family we all grew to know and love will grow from 4  to 5 this spring. Tami, Colton, Sadie, and Sophie are all excited and ready to meet their new family member.

Seeking Sister Wife: Is it a Boy Or Girl for the TLC Couple?

It’s still too soon for the Seeking Sister Wife parents, Sophie and husband Colton Winder, to announce if they’re adding a son or daughter to the family. Certainly, since Sophie has been so open with her journey to motherhood this far, she’ll continue to provide us with updates. No doubt whatever the sex, this baby will be well-loved by all.

Little Sadie Winder surely will shine in her new role as a big sister. Additionally, Tami Winder will get to experience the joy of mothering her sister wife’s child. It’s an exciting time for the Winder Family. Hopefully, TLC picks up Seeking Sister Wife for a second season and we get to see this family’s journey weekly on our television screens.

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