‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Colton Winder Reveals Third Wife

Seeking Sister Wife star Colton Winder says he wants a third wife in his family. But, he’s finally revealing who the third woman that he’s adding into the marriage is.

Seeking Sister Wife: Colton Winder Reveals Large Family

Colton Winder from Seeking Sister Wife shows off how large his current plural family is. He’s bought a house and he’s now living with two of his wives, while still seeking to bring in a third. Tami Winder is Colton’s first wife and Sophie Winder is Colton’s second wife. Sophie is seven months pregnant with Colton’s child.

Sophie Winder from Seeking Sister Wife talks about how she reacted when she found out she was pregnant. Also, she reveals she’s expecting to have a baby boy. However, Sophie says she and Colton were trying for a little while before they got pregnant with their son. She says she and Colt have been trying for several years to get pregnant. Also, she says her pregnancy hasn’t been easy and that she’s really struggled with it. But, seeing the baby on an ultrasound brought forth a lot of different emotions at that moment.

Seeking Sister Wife: Colton Winder

Plural Family Reveals Additional Spouse

On Seeking Sister Wife, Colton talks about how he and his wives are independent Mormon fundamentalists. He goes on to explain that the Mormonism they follow is a lot more fundamental than other versions commonly found in society. Next, he says plural marriage is a part of his religion and they all believe that marriage is for eternity.

Also, on SSW, Colton Winder talks about how he believes God has wives. Colton says he wants to be as much like God as he can be, so it makes sense for him to have multiple wives. Then, he goes on to explain after a year after marrying Sophie, Sophie and Tami lived in separate towns. That’s because they didn’t want the Utah government to find out about their relationship because polygamy’s considered a felony. Now, polygamy is considered to be no less offensive to the law than a traffic ticket would be.

Colton Winder from Seeking Sister Wife says he and his wives are looking to add a third wife into their marriage. But, he says the farm he runs right now is currently his third wife.

Seeking Sister Wife: Colton Winder

Seeking Sister Wife: Colton Winder Sees Potential

Colton Winder says he’s also talking to a sister wife that lives in South Carolina. This potential sister wife on SSW is named Kimberly. She works as a teacher, is 30 years old, and has a daughter. Sophie says Kimberly reached out to the family on social media, but Colton says everything’s going well in the courting process of his relationship with Kimberly. He invites her to come to visit him in Utah, to which Kimberly agrees.

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