‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Jeff Alldredge Hidden Past – Secret First Wife and 8 More Kids

Seeking Sister Wife fans may be stunned to learn that Jeff Alldredge has a hidden past, another wife (Cynthia Alldredge), and eight more kids hidden from TLC watchers. So why are Jeff and TLC keeping secret his real first wife and inaccurately presenting another woman as wife one? Seeking Sister Wife episodes show a much-older Jeff Alldredge and his two younger wives, Vanessa Alldredge and Sharis Alldredge. But there’s a lot more not seen.

Seeking Sister Wife followers wondered why a man waited until his mid-40s to marry and start a family with much younger wives. The stunning truth is Vanessa is not Jeff’s first wife as she is referred to on the TLC show. Jeff actually has another first wife and lots of other children. In fact, Jeff Alldredge is a father of 15 kids, not seven. So, who is wife one and why are she and her kids a big secret on the show?

Seeking Sister Wife: Cynthia Alldredge Wife #1 – Jeff Alldredge Seeking Wife 4 Not 3!

In real life, Jeff Alldredge already has three wives, not just the two we see on the TLC series. In fact, the Alldredge family is seeking to court what is a potential fourth wife if you’re keeping an accurate count. His first wife Cindy reportedly did not want to be part of the program. Jeff’s first marriage seems to be falling apart. But as of now, she still appears to be his wife.

That would mean the Alldredge clan is shopping for wife #4 (not #3) on Seeking Sister Wife. The polygamist husband and his first wife share eight children but have reportedly been separated now for years. Sharis Alldredge posted on her Facebook page that the current family decided to the do the show but Jeff’s previous family did not want to.

Unfortunately, there’s an entire family of Jeff’s we will never see on camera. The photo above is from several years back and shows Jeff and first spouse Cynthia Alldredge and their kids looking happy together as a family unit.


Will Jeff Make Vanessa Alldredge His Legal Wife on SSW?

Seeking Sister Wife’s Jeff Alldredge could have a tough decision to make in the near future. As of now, it’s reported that he is still legally wed to his first wife, named Cynthia Alldredge. That makes Vanessa Alldredge his second wife (and not legally married) to him along with wife three Sharis Alldredge.

If he follows through and divorces Cynthia Alldredge, then he is free to legally marry Sharis or Vanessa, one of his current plural wives. If Jeff married Vanessa, it would make sense since she’s already presented publicly as his wife. She and Sharis both seem to have spiritual, but not legal marriages with Jeff Alldredge.

Seeking Sister Wife: Alldredge Family Courting Jennifer

SSW spoilers reveal Jeff, Vanessa and Sharis travel to meet a potential fourth sister wife named Jennifer. They have been courting her online for several months. They decided as a family that she’s a good fit so far and a trip to meet in person was in order. On the last episode of Seeking Sister Wife, we see them setting up a casual picnic in a park not far from Niagara Falls, NY.

The family is anxious for Jennifer’s arrival. She says she will meet them, but we’ll see. Last season, Melinda stood them up. The woman they were courting crushed the family as SSW fans saw. Hopefully, this is not a repeat of last years heartbreak. Of course, now we also know that things are far more complicated with the Alldredges than anyone knew! Catch an all-new episode next Sunday, February 10 on TLC.

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