‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Tosha’s Hot Polygamy Transformation

Seeking Sister Wife star Tosha Jones shares a huge update about her weight loss journey. Also, she thanks her polygamist lifestyle as the reason why she’s now looking and feeling better than ever.

Seeking Sister Wife: Tosha Jones Talks About Rough Past

On Seeking Sister Wife, Tosha Jones talks about how she didn’t have an easy time growing up. Tosha says she wants to reconnect with her mom for the first time in eight years. She says she’s making this trip because she wants to make her mother aware of the polygamist lifestyle she’s leading. However, Tosha talks about how she feels a little nervous about this trip. That’s because she’s worried her mom isn’t going to be open-minded about the new life she’s leading.

Tosha Jones from Seeking Sister Wife says she moved out when she was really young. Also, she says she decided to off on her own and make her own life decisions. Tosha says after she moved out, she and her mother lost connection with one another. Then, she reveals her mother’s met Sidian a few times. However, she says her mom doesn’t know a lot about her relationship with Sidian or their marriage. But, she wants her mother to experience the growth of her relationship as she and Sidian look to add in another sister wife.

Seeking Sister Wife: Tosha Jones

Massive Transformation for Polygamist

On Seeking Sister Wife, Tosha doesn’t talk much about her physical appearance or what makes her feel confident. Instead, she chooses to share her latest life update on a more private scale. She shows a before and after transformation of her physical appearance. Then, she goes on to explain that she isn’t using weight loss supplements. She says the new look she’s sporting is “what happiness” looks like on her.

Next, Tosha Jones from Seeking Sister Wife says she was dealing with a lot of personal traumas before she met Sidian. Also, she says she felt lost in life and dealt with “general depression. She says she wasn’t happy with where she was at in life.

Seeking Sister Wife: Tosha Jones

Seeking Sister Wives: Tosha Jones Brags About Relationship

Also, Tosha Jones from Seeking Sister Wife says her partner Sidian is “the most supportive partner.” She explains the support of her husband Sidian is what allowed her to lose weight and get healthy. She says he provided her with space and freedom she needed to flourish and be who she wants to be.

Next, Tosha says she’s thinner because her soul’s lighter and because her needs are met. Also, she says she’s kinder because she focuses on her own personal growth. Plus, she says she’s “aggressively pursuing” the life she wants because she’s got the love and support she needs. Then, she thanks Sidian for the power team they are. But, she does mention she’s looking to accept applications for “new team members.”

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