‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Bernie and Paige McGee Not Ready for Polygamy?

Seeking Sister Wife pair Bernie McGee and Paige McGee had a blow up with their second wife candidate Brandy at the Tell All episode this week. Those that watched all season long will recall the early altercation between Paige and Bernie over him sexting women they were considering to add to their marriage. His wife said what he did was borderline cheating. In the polygamy dating show finale, things were tense again.

Seeking Sister Wife: Bernie McGee Looking for a Wife – Paige McGee for a Friend

One thing was clear from their statements all season long on the TLC show and again at the Tell All. Bernie McGee is in this looking for a wife. But Paige McGee made clear she’s looking for a best friend she can have in her life (and vent to about her husband). However, it also seemed that Paige just wants a friend – that friend need not be married to her husband, right?

Paige McGee explained on Seeking Sister Wife and again on social media after the explosive Tell All, that she’s an introvert and not good at meeting people. Bernie, she said, is the social butterfly. So, could it be that Paige McGee is struggling to make friends and this second wife gambit is about her needing a BFF. Because at a glance, the McGees don’t seem ready for polygamy…

Bernie Calls Paige Down on Tell All

Another aspect of the Seeking Sister Wife Tell All that caught fan attention was how Bernie McGee talked to his wife. Several times, he told her to calm down, quiet down, and cautioned her to behave herself. She didn’t seem to be out of control at these times although with TLC editing, there’s no telling the difference between what actually went on and what made it to air.

In the end, Paige McGee didn’t look happy for most of the Tell All and in footage from the season you can see her struggling from the start. She said the call to polygamy was her idea from reading the Bible. Bernie McGee later said he’d thought of it too but didn’t bring it up. Yet every time they were in a situation to pursue another woman, Page seemed intensely uncomfortable.

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Bernie McGee Lies to Paige – Brandy Lying Too?

Things got really rough when Brandy, their Seeking Sister Wife potential bride, made it to the stage. Brandy unloaded a secret that she and Bernie McGee made out behind Paige’s back. Brandy implied there was more with “hands going places” and other things. Paige McGee was stunned. Bernie defended himself then later admitted he lied, but said it didn’t go as far as Brandy said.

Later on Facebook, Paige McGee shared her thoughts and defended Bernie saying Brandy was lying. Then, she explained the topography of their backyard and their neighbor’s fencing to support her defense of Bernie McGee. The bottom line, as he admitted, is that he lied to his wife about what he did with Brandy, no matter where hands might have wound up…

McGees Don’t Seem Ready for Polygamy on Seeking Sister Wife

The upshot from the Seeking Sister Wife finale for Bernie McGee and Paige McGee is this. These two do not seem ready to accept another woman into their marriage. The Alldredges and Winders all seem deeply entrenched in their plural marriages and comfortable in their searches (even if unsuccessful) to add a third wife to their unions.

As for the Snowdens, despite them getting dumped by Vanessa Cobbs, they also seem well-grounded and ready to live the lifestyle they have chosen. With the McGees, though, it seems like they are trying to force themselves into something. It comes across as them liking the concept of polygamy but then finding the reality too challenging for Paige McGee.

It’s like wanting to be a vegan, but just loving steak. You can’t change who you are. In the end, it seems like Paige McGee needs to find herself a BFF she can trust. And if she and Bernie want more kids, there’s always adoption or fostering. No doubt the TLC hit show will have another season. So, it will be interesting to see if Paige and Bernie McGee are back for another go at plural matrimony.

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