Seeking Sister Wife: Tell All Episode Showcases Drama With Snowden, Alldredge, McGee, And Winder Families

Seeking Sister Wife officially wrapped last week but the drama is far from over. As the second season comes to an end, expect to see more from all four polygamous families in the upcoming Tell All episode.

The Alldredges, Snowdens, McGees, and Winders will meet to shed light on their journeys. The families will deal with their issues.

Seeking Sister Wife: Alldredges Face Jennifer Linnerth Over Faking Death

On Sunday’s Seeking Sister Wife Tell All episode, the Alldredges confront Jennifer Linnerth. Jeff, Sharis, and Vanessa had a rough road with their potential sister wife. Previously, it was alleged that Jennifer “faked” her death after second thoughts on polygamy.

After skipping a date with them, the family heard later she died due from appendix complications. During the interview, Jeff describes Jennifer’s supposed fake death as crazy. However, Vanessa reiterates that they are “not judging her but they are judging the situation”.

It seems like Jennifer had no regrets on the video call. By the looks of it, the Alldredges and Jennifer need time to forgive and forget.

Seeking Sister Wife: Snowdens Dish About ‘D Day’ – Ashley’s Mom Concerned

Meanwhile, Dimitri, Ashley, and Vanessa Snowden talk about their lives now. The Snowdens chat about preparing for “D Day”. Fans of the show will definitely remember Ashley and Vanessa’s iconic moment of steaming their lady parts. They also did an Alkaline diet.

All these were part of Ashley’s requests before Dimitri and Vanessa got intimate. Things seems solid among the Snowdens, especially after their unique wedding. But Ashley’s mom still has concerns. In the upcoming Tell All, Donna says “Dimitri has a lot on his hands” and may not have time for Ashley.

Vanessa appears emotional upon hearing her mother-in-law’s reservation. Will the Snowdens still have their happily ever after? Or will their families be a problem? Plus the latest chatter is that they might consider bringing in yet another bride.

Seeking Sister Wife: Paige McGee - Bernie McGee

Seeking Sister Wife: Bernie McGee Accused Of ‘Making Out’ With Brandy

Things are about to get tense with Bernie and McGee as well. The reality show couple faces a new challenge with Brandy’s shocking revelation. The explosive Tell All episode has Paige bursts into a rage upon learning that Bernie “made out” with Brandy.

Apparently, their sister wife candidate accused her husband of off-camera “action”. She said: “whatever happens between us should stay between us.” Of course, this doesn’t sit well with Paige. Fans know that the reality star has been jealous of the other ladies, even during the courtship period.

She also seems to be having second thoughts on pursuing this lifestyle. Meanwhile, Bernie denies Brandy’s accusations and says he didn’t do it. Brandy, on the other hand, insists that he really kissed her, adding that Bernie was the one who initiated the move.

Seeking Sister Wife: Winders Get More Comfortable With Multiple Partners

It seems like the Winders are slowly getting the hang of a plural lifestyle. The reality show stars are more comfortable with their chosen path. In the past, Colton, Tami, and Sophie were hesitant to come out as a plural family.

Eventually, the trio managed to cope with public pressure of plural marriage. They are now more open about it and show no signs of regret.

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