‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Garrick Proposes & Sleeps with Woman 2 Days After Meeting

Seeking Sister Wife star Garrick Merrifield talks about his new relationship after divorcing his first wife. However, the rate that he’s taking his second relationship is alarming.

Seeking Sister Wife: Garrick Merrifield Finds New Woman

On Seeking Sister Wife, Garrick Merrifield talks about how he developed an interest in a plural relationship. He says he’s a Christian and talks about how there are many people in the Bible who have several wives. Then, he says he wants to live more like Christ, so he’s decided to add on an additional wife into his family.

However, Garrick from Seeking Sister Wife says he struggles to find women who are interested online. But, he’s finally found one lucky lady who has agreed to start the courting process. Garrick Merrifield and his wife Dannielle Merrifield are both talking to Roberta. They refer to Roberta as “Bert” for short.

Garrick Merrifield talks about what attracts him to Roberta. He says she’s got beautiful olive skin, beautiful hair, and nice curves. He refers to Roberta as “the other perfect woman.” Also, he talks about how they met on a polygamy dating website. But, they’ve now courting for over one year.

Seeking Sister Wife: Garrick Merrifield

Seeking Sister Wife: Garrick Merrifield Meets Potential Wife

After Garrick from Seeking Sister Wife learns Roberta can’t come to the USA on a travel visa, he decides to meet her half-way. So, Garrick and Danielle meet Roberta in Cabo, Mexico to get to know one another. Also, he says Roberta brought her mother along with her on the trip.

Next, Garrick Merrifield on SSW talks about how the entire family got along really well. He says his children love spending time with Roberta, and she even calls his sons “Princes.” Plus, he says things between Dannielle and Roberta seem smooth. So, on their second night of the vacation of a nine-day trip, he proposes to her. He says he brought a ring with him on the vacation.

Seeking Sister Wife: Garrick Merrifield

Husband Taking Things too Quickly?

On Seeking Sister Wife, Garrick Merrifield talks about how he and Dannielle had an agreement together. They both decide it’s a good idea to hold off on getting in bed with another one until they’re sure she’s going to become a sister wife. Next, Garrick says after proposing to Roberta, they slept together on the same night.

However, Dannielle says she’s having a hard time with jealousy. But, she prays God will deliver her from the upset feelings she has towards Roberta. In the next episode Dannielle will be yelling at her husband Garrick. She says she wishes her ex-husband would have told her it was their intention for him and Roberta to sleep with each other on the trip.

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