‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Sharing Is Caring- Just Ask Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield

Seeking Sister Wife on TLC has started its third season. Viewers will see some familiar faces and some new faces. With five families all with different reasons for their polygamous lifestyles, they share similar issues. Mistrust, jealousy, and insecurity seems to sneak up on everyone. This season is sure to bring all the drama and intrigue that the polygamous lifestyle holds. Just ask new couple Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield.

Seeking Sister Wife: Meet Garrick & Dannielle Merrifield’s Fiance Roberta

Meet the Merrifields. Garrick and Dannielle of Buena Vista, Colorado have been married for thirteen years. Their two sons are home-schooled. About two years ago Garrick Merrifield “decided God wanted us to live a plural lifestyle.” It took some time for Dannielle Merrifield to come around to the idea but, eventually she did. Dannielle Merrifield tells Seeking Sister Wife viewers it’s “a great way to follow Christ.” Her children will now have another mother figure and one more adult to help around the home.

The Merrifields met Roberta a year and four months ago on a polygamist dating site. However, Roberta is from Brazil and only speaks Portuguese. After three months, the Merrifields tried to get Roberta a travel visa and were denied. Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield decided to meet Roberta in the middle in Cabo, Mexico. After the second night, Garrick popped the question. Dannielle tells Seeking Sister Wife cameras this was the first night Garrick and Roberta were intimate.

After it was decided that Roberta would be joining the Merrifield family, Garrick worked with Dannielle to figure out how to bring Roberta into the country. Unfortunately, the only way would be to bring Roberta in on a fiancee visa. This meant Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield need a divorce. Garrick’s family disowned the couple and Dannielle’s family is having a hard time with it all. Dannielle Merrifield tells Seeking Sister Wife watchers that the fear Garrick could run away with Roberta is very real.


Sidian & Tosha Jones Join The Established Throuple of Vanessa, Jarod & Kaleh Clark This Season

Sidian and Tosha Jones of Boise, Idaho are another new couple on this season of Seeking Sister Wife. They are looking for someone else to join their family. Sidian has three children from past relationships. Sidian was married when Tosha met him. Six months later, he brought Tosha into their home. After six months, Sidian’s first wife wasn’t happy and Tosha left. Eventually, Sidian Jones and his wife separated. Then, Tosha returned to the Jones family.

The Clark family of Fuquay-Varnia, North Carolina are moving into a new house when viewers meet them. The new Seeking Sister Wife family is made up of Jarod Clark and Vanessa Clark who have been married for ten years and Kaleh Clark, who has been with them for two years. Jarod and Vanessa Clark have four children – LePrince, Alexis, Alejandro and Analise. Jarod Clark explains to the Seeking Sister Wife cameras they practice “polygyny” which is one man having totally separate wives.

The idea of polygyny was introduced into the Clark family three and a half years ago. At first, Vanessa was against it. She believed it was more for Jarod than the family. She eventually came around to the idea. Jarod Clark met Kaleh at a lounge. Jealousy was an issue, at first but now Vanessa embraces Kaleh as a sister wife. However, Seeking Sister Wife followers find out that Jarod views himself as “the King” and Kaleh has not been “the Queen” she could be. Kaleh says the tension needs to be addressed.


Ashley & Dimitri Snowden Are Back On Seeking Sister Wife

The Snowden family is back for their third season with Seeking Sister Wife. When we see the family of five again, Dimitri Snowden and Ashley Snowden tell us that Vanessa Cobbs has left them. After their wedding last season, they thought they had found happiness. However, Vanessa announced over text she wanted to “conclude the relationship.” After she packed up and left, she moved to Australia with her sister.

Since then, Dimitri Snowden and Ashley Snowden have been healing. After eighteen months, they decided to look for another sister wife. The Snowdens found Christeline, a 32 year-old mother of two from South Africa. After five months of dating, Kristaline is coming to LA.  The Seeking Sister Wife audience is told Kristaline has never left South Africa before.

At the end of the Seeking Sister Wife season premiere, Dimitri Snowden and Ashley Snowden prepare to meet Kristaline. They are nervous and excited. After Vanessa leaving them, they know nothing is certain. As the show ends, viewers see Christeline walking towards the Snowden family.

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