‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Dimitri Fears Vanessa Will Leave After Confrontation With Twin Sister

Seeking Sister Wife star Dimitri Snowden seems unsure if Vanessa Cobbs will be able to stand for their polygamous relationship. The TLC celeb expressed his doubts after an awkward encounter with Vanessa Cobb‘s twin sister, Adrienne.

Apparently, Dimitri fears Vanessa Cobbs might be swayed by Adrienne and ends up leaving him and Ashley Snowden. It seems like the polygamous couple still has a long way to go before their unconventional lifestyle gets accepted by some family members.

Vanessa Cobbs’ Twin Sister On Dimitri – “You’re Living Quite The Life”

On Sunday’s episode of Seeking Sister Wife, the Snowdens hang out with Vanessa Cobbs and her sister, Adrienne. As the family enjoys a day at the pool, Adrienne mustered the courage to confront Dimitri Snowden.

Adrienne, who seems really curious about her sister’s polygamous setup, asks Dimitri how things are going now that all three of them are living together. In response, the family’s patriarch admits everything is going good and that he’s loving every minute of it.

Adrienne answered sarcastically, “Yes, you’re living quite the life.”

Seeking Sister Wife: Adrienne Fires Questions At Dimitri

Vanessa Cobbs’ twin sister did not hold back in showing her concern about Dimitri and Ashley Snowden’s polygamous marriage. During the same episode of Seeking Sister Wife, Adrienne took the opportunity to fire questions at Dimitri.

Adrienne admits she sees Vanessa and the Snowdens’ relationship as “different” and that she’s curious about how it works. The outspoken twin sister also asked Dimitri how he manages his time with Vanessa and Ashley.

“Don’t you find it draining to look after the emotions and well-being of two women?” Adrienne asked. Dimitri explains that he makes sure both ladies get whatever they need. He added that he always listen and respond to them accordingly.

Dimitri Says Family Comes First

Despite being in a polygamous setup, Dimitri Snowden claims their family is no different than others. The Seeking Sister Wife star points out that as the head of their household, he does everything to put them on top of his priorities.

Apparently, this makes it easier for him to handle the challenges of having two wives.

“I just make sure I build around my family,” he told Adrienne. “Family is always first. So as long as I keep it centered at them, it’s easier for me to allocate my time and resources for them.”

Seeking Sister Wife: Adrienne Still Unsure Of Vanessa’s Polygamous Relationship

Despite confronting Dimitri Snowden, Adrienne still seems unsure of Vanessa Cobbs’ polygamous relationship. It’s as if she’s looking for more assurance that her sister will get the love she deserves.


“I just want to make sure that she is well taken care of and that she’s happy,” Adrienne told Dimitri. “I don’t want to see her heart get broken.”

Dimitri Fears Adrienne Might Influence Vanessa To Leave

Adrienne’s doubt about Vanessa Cobbs’ polygamous relationship causes concern to Dimitri Snowden. The Seeking Sister Wife star is well aware that Adrienne is not very welcoming of her sister’s new lifestyle even before they discuss it.

“It’s pretty obvious that Adrienne is not feeling it,” Dimitri said. “Right now, she’s given us the business.”

This leads to his fear that Vanessa will change her mind because of Adrienne. He also expressed his concern that Vanessa won’t be able to handle the pressure and head back to Seattle.

But Dimitri is not giving up that easy. He reiterates that he’s doing his best to “educate” Adrienne and make her understand his perspective about a polygamous relationship. Still, he knows that others still consider polygamy taboo.

“I can’t force anyone to change their mind,” he pointed out. “Polygamy is a hard pill for people to swallow.”

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