‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Tosha Jones Leaves Sidian Jones

Seeking Sister Wife star Tosha Jones leaves Sidian Jones. Is there any hope left for this couple or has polygamy pushed them too far?

Seeking Sister Wife: Tosha Jones Talks About Meeting Sidian Jones

On Seeking Sister Wife, Tosha Jones reveals she works from home with her husband, Sidian Jones. They own a graphic design business together and work on small projects. Next, she says she considers herself married to Sidian Jones. However, the couple isn’t legally married. But, they’re now looking for a sister wife to join in on the family.

Tosha Jones says she loves her husband Sidian for many reasons. She says he’s handsome, caring, and a lot of fun to be around. Also, she says jokes are always flying around their household. While they don’t have any children together, Sidian’s two children from a previous marriage live with them. However, Tosha says she considers his two children her own.

Tosha Jones from SSW says she met Sidian at work. She says he caught her eye after he walks into her area of her office. Then, she says she starts to wonder who “that guy” is. However, she talks about being disappointed after learning he’s already married. Yet, she says she still wanted to get to know him because they’re co-workers.

Seeking Sister Wife: Sidian Jones

Polygamy Ruins First Marriage

On Seeking Sister Wife, Sidian says he was interested in Tosha right after laying his eyes on her. That’s because of her “adorable personality” and her having the perfect smile. So, he’s really excited about meeting Tosha, because of what he and his first wife were looking for. He says they interested in trying out polygamy and adding a second wife into the picture.

After approaching Tosha Jones from SSW, Tosha believes that Sidian is joking at first. However, he says he isn’t interested in adding a second wife because of the benefits in the bedroom. Instead, he says he wants a plural relationship because of having more love and attention to go around. Next, he says if any children have problems, there will be at least two adults in the house to go to.

Then, Sidian from Seeking Sister Wife invites Tosha to come live with him and his first wife. However, his first spouse began to question things. She decides to leave the marriage.

Seeking Sister Wife: Tosha Jones

Seeking Sister Wife: Tosha Jones Leaves Sidian Jones

On Seeking Sister Wife, Tosha talks about how she doesn’t want to add any additional stress or confusion into his first marriage. So, while his first wife questions if she wants to be a sister wife, Tosha leaves the house. This causes her and Sidian Jones to break up and spend time apart. However, after the first sister wife left, Tosha comes back into the picture. She stays to help clean the house and take care of the children. Then, they officially get back together.

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