‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Dimitri’s Alleged Ex-Lover Says Ashley Loves Ladies Too

Seeking Sister Wife couple Ashley Snowden and Dimitri Snowden seem to have it all put together on camera. They are attractive, have a nice house, and a growing family. That said, it definitely looks like there’s some baggage lurking behind the scenes. A woman who claims to be a former sister wife of the couple paints a drastically different picture of the pair. What does this alleged ex-lover have to say?

Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Snowden An Enabler – Dimitri Snowden A Sexual Deviant?

The woman took to social media to spill some boiling hot tea on the couple. So far, Dimitri and Ashley come across on television as very put together and spiritually centered. What this alleged former sister wife reveals is nothing short of alarming. “He was cheating on ‘Us’ when I was there,” she said of Dimitri Snowden.

Seeking Sister Wife viewers know that Dimitri broke the rules with his wife Ashley. He was intimate with prospect Jocelyn after their first date on season one of the TLC show. His wife Ashley Snowden wasn’t happy about it. Further, the woman claims Ashley threw her out of the house once she decided she didn’t want her there anymore.

What’s interesting is, if the claims are true, it seems Ashley wanted to be more than just a sister wife. The accuser says that Ashley wanted to be intimate with her too. The sister wife wrote: “I refused to be her ‘Lover’ and she took that as me not wanting her, only Dimitri”.

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Seeking Sister Wife: Trauma in the Snowden Home?

The Snowdens’ purported ex-sister wife goes on to talk about the trauma she experienced while living in their home. “There was so much Trauma my daughters and I experienced while being there. It was horrible. Ashley is an enabler and her husband, a sexual deviant.” If these claims are true, shots have definitely been fired.

On Seeking Sister Wife, both Dimitri Snowden and wife Ashley talk about how they’ve been looking to add to their family for years – with little success. If true, these alleged claims may point to a few reasons why. In addition to Dimitri’s alleged cheating, she goes on to talk about some of the things Ashley allegedly did toward the end of their relationship.

She said: “I found text messages from her to Dimitri saying awful things about me and my children.” Now that the couple are in the public eye and on television, it seems that rubs her completely the wrong way: “It was hard to see them take their dysfunction to a national level,” she said of the Seeking Sister Wife show.

What’s the True Story Behind the Snowdens on Seeing Sister Wife?

That’s not all, however. In addition, she claims that Ashley Snowden told her that Dimitri gave his wife an STD. The accuser also says that she and Dimitri argued over the way he treated Ashley Snowden, saying that he “is an a**h*** to her”. She claims things went downhill with Dimitri when she refused to have his baby.

Further, she says that “there is too much ‘Trauma’ for her and too much selfishness and dishonesty from him to have a healthy relationship with anyone, including to each other. And I gained my own Trauma from it all.” On the current season of Seeking Sister Wife, Dimitri and Ashley are courting a new prospect to join their family.

As of right now, these are just allegations that haven’t been confirmed. Even so, if there’s a slight chance any of this is true, it’s quite alarming. As Ashley and Dimitri Snowden continue courting a new sister wife on television, it’ll definitely be worth watching to see if these claims carry any weight.

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