Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Snowden Turns 33 – Dimitri Reveals Surprise Birthday Gift

Seeking Sister Wife star Ashley Snowden just had a birthday and the celebration was reportedly a big deal. The first wife was definitely treated like a queen on her special day with tons of surprises from Dimitri Snowden. However, what caught the attention of many was Ashley’s bold move on her Instagram page.

The birthday girl cleared all the photos and videos on her account. The only ones left were those taken after her birthday. Is there a deeper meaning behind Ashley’s almost-empty IG? Or is it just social media housecleaning with no deeper meaning?

Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Snowden Celebrates Birthday

Looks like turning 33 has a significant meaning to Ashley Snowden. The reality star celebrated her big day with a bang, emphasizing the remarkable milestone in her life. To kick off her birthday, Dimitri Snowden’s wife shared a carefree photo of herself.

The TLC star appears at ease as she enjoys the serene atmosphere of the beach. Ashley wrote about dying many deaths to hit this point in her life. She also talked about coming back from the ashes. She also promised this is a turning point in her life. Clearly, the Seeking Sister Wife mom of three is ready for something new.

Ashley Starts Fresh At 33

But perhaps the highlight of Ashley Snowden’s birthday celebration was her social media wipe out. The Seeking Sister Wife celeb deleted all previous pictures and videos on her account, including those of Dimitri Snowden and their children. Her surprising move gives the impression that she wants to have a fresh start on her birthday.

In another post, Ashley declared that this year marks her “rebirth”. The reality star seems positive about everything that is happening in her life despite a saddening split from Vanessa Cobbs.

Seeking Sister Wife: Swapping Spot for Stripes

Meanwhile, eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice Ashley Snowden’s striking new mark on her forehead. The mom and lifestyle advisor replaced her usual red bindi with what looks like three golden stripes. Ashley explained that she’s been into this since she was a small child. She also credited her mother Donna with nurturing her inner wisdom. Dimitri Snowden’s other half also revealed that 2019 marks the seventh year that she’s been wearing the mark.

But for this year, she wanted to make it extra special. The Seeking Sister Wife cast member talked about the symbolism of changing her mark. Ashley added that fans can expect to see a variety of her mark in sets of three, including silver, black, white, stripes, or dots. If you watched the TLC show last season, though, you may recall there was no mark. See the pic below.

Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Snowden

Dimitri Snowden’s Gift For Ashley

Ashley Snowden’s big day will never be complete without gifts from Dimitri Snowden. The Seeking Sister Wife hubby proudly referred to himself as the “surprise master” teasing that there’s more in store for his wife. In a post, Dimitri revealed that she’s sending Ashley to Dubai. The trip is part of his week-long birthday surprises for his wife.

He also revealed that every year, he sends his spouse to a new place to remind her of his love. Last year, Dimitri gifted Ashley with an unexpected trip to LA to meet her mama Donna. All was well during the mother-daughter outing, until Dimitri and Vanessa Cobbs showed up. Things quickly turned awkward, with Donna visibly unamused. She’s no fan of their journey towards polygamy.

Seeking Sister Wife - Dimitri Snowden - Ashley Snowden

Seeking Sister Wife: Mama Donna Throws Subtle Shade At Vanessa Cobbs

It looks as if Ashley Snowden’s mom is yet to forget the uncomfortable meeting between her and Vanessa Cobbs. This year, she’s making sure that Dimitri Snowden is not plotting any more surprises for her, in case another trip with her daughter comes up.

In response to her son-in-law’s post, mama Donna seemingly throws shade at Vanessa for crashing her lunch date with Ashley last year. “I should have been invited, my last invite/surprise was intruded,” Donna quipped. “Dimitri no more surprises for me. I need to see the magic 8 ball first. Love y’all”.

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