‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Dimitri Snowden Proposes To Vanessa – Ashley Having 2nd Thoughts?

Seeking Sister Wife stars Dimitri Snowden and Ashley Snowden are one step closer to expanding their polygamous family. After nine years of searching, the couple is now finally engaged to their future sister wife, Vanessa Cobbs.

Despite many challenges and opposing views from other family members, the trio is now moving forward, eager to fulfill their lifelong goal. Will the Snowdens and Vanessa finally live happily ever after? Or is it just the beginning of even more conflict?

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Snowden Wants To Marry Vanessa Cobbs

Looks like the long wait is finally over for Dimitri and Ashley Snowden. The Seeking Sister Wife stars are about to officially begin their journey to polygamous marriage.

On Sunday’s episode, the Snowdens finally came to the decision to marry their future sister wife, Vanessa Cobbs. During a heart to heart talk, Dimitri bluntly admits to Ashley that he loves Vanessa.

“I love her,” he gushed. “I think she’s here for the long haul. The next step is to propose to her.”

Is Ashley Snowden Having Second Thoughts?

Ashley Snowden seems supportive of Dimitri’s decision to marry Vanessa Cobbs. The Seeking Sister Wife star acknowledges the fact that her husband is now ready to take the next step.

However, it seems like Ashley is having second thoughts. Although things have been very smooth between her and Vanessa, the reality star seems to question whether her future sister wife is worth it.

“Dimitri is confident that Vanessa is checking all his boxes,” Ashley pointed out. “But is she checking all of mine? Is Vanessa someone I can call a sister wife?”

Still, having Vanessa as a sister wife seems to outweigh Ashley’s hesitation.

“I’m ready,” the TLC celeb confirmed. “That’s what we’ve been working for.”

Dimitri’s Awkward First Meeting With Jojo – Did She Give Her Blessing?

But before popping the question, Dimitri Snowden wants to make things as formal as possible for Vanessa Cobbs. The Seeking Sister Wife patriarch travels to Seattle and visits his future wife’s mom, Jojo.

As expected, the meeting between the two was nothing short of awkward. Vanessa’s mother is not one to shy away in expressing her views on polygamy.

Still, Dimitri expressed his eagerness to marry his future sister wife. Despite the seemingly awkward atmosphere, the reality star confidently asked Vanessa’s hand in marriage from Jojo.

And while it’s true that Jojo still has reservations, she ends up giving her blessing to Dimitri.

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri’s Romantic Proposal

With Jojo’s blessing and Ashley’s approval, Dimitri Snowden plans a romantic engagement for Vanessa Cobbs. The Seeking Sister Wife star goes the extra mile as he opted for a beach proposal.

Dimitri went as far as writing an original song for his future sister wife with the help of a musician friend. Ashley was also onboard throughout the whole process.

Shortly after the music played, Dimitri got down on one knee and pulled out an anklet.

“You’re a wonderful sister wife to Ashley,” he said. “You’re a wonderful mommy to the children. And obviously, perfect for me. Will you marry me?”

An emotional Vanessa unhesitantly answered “Yes,” accepting the anklet on her right ankle.

Ashley Seals Vanessa’s Engagement With Bindi

Meanwhile, Ashley Snowden seals Vanessa Cobbs’ engagement with a red bindi on her forehead. The Seeking Sister Wife star has been sporting the same red mark, claiming that it helps them have insight with universal awareness.

Ashley also expressed her appreciation to Vanessa now that she’s about to officially become part of the Snowdens.

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